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My bag turned up this morning. If I'm reading the site correctly, it actually turned up last night, and they handed it off to a next-day-delivery courier. One of the things in the bag was my office phone, which when powered on, received a text message saying,
"Welcome from O2. You are now roaming on the %%Network%% network. [-]"
For good measure, they send me the same message an hour or so later, complete with the same "%%Network%%" bit in it. CODING FAIL.
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This billcompared with your last bill
Total usage: €0.00^ up 100% - was €0.00

I guess 100% of nothing is, in fact, nothing, so it's probably correct in some sense.


Apr. 26th, 2007 11:53 pm
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Update on my mystery multi-owner mobile phone account: I emailed care@. I got an autoreply telling me they'd endeavour to respond within 24 hours (this used be "we will reply within 24 hours"...), followed some 24 hours later by a request for security information to confirm that it was in fact my account (I am restraining myself from whining further about this). I emailed back, noting in passing that there appeared to be no tracking information beyond my email address - no ticket id, etc. I wonder how that looks on the customer support side? Anyway, today I got a message indicating that the issue had been escalated to the appropriate people. Tonight, looking at the website again, I'm getting the message on a more-or-less random basis. It's like somewhere there's a database with a split brain, and in one part I'm sole propietor of the phone, and in the other it's still somehow attached to the employer I transferred the phone from. Fills me with comfort, that does.
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(This was an email exchange, rather than a phonecall; I'm paraphrasing and, in fact, inserting totally original dialogue rather than citing, though)

Vodafone Customer Care: Hi, Vodafone Customer Care, how can we help you?
Me: Hi, I seem to be having some trouble using your Picture Album service. I sent it some pictures from my mobile and they've not shown up on the site.
Vodafone Customer Care: Yes, we're having some trouble with that feature. It doesn't work right now.
Me: I see. And you haven't updated the site to reflect this.
VCC: Nope.
Me: And when do you think this will be fixed?
VCC: No idea.
Me: Uh, fine. Thanks.
VCC: Is there any other way in which we can make your day less pleasant?
Me: No, that'll be all.

To be fair, the Photo Album service is free, and as far as I know they're the only Irish mobile telco that provide such a free service (to clarify: I can send a photo via MMS from my cameraphone to a particular number and at some point thereafter it will show up in an area of Vodafone's website accessible only to me[1], which I subsequently hooked up to a script which grabs the photo and posts it to Flickr) but I'm sure there's something in the Sale Of Goods Act of 1981 which covers telling people they're getting a service when said service does not, in fact, work.

[1] And every Vodafone helpdesker ever, since every time I run into a problem they ask for my password. Apparently they don't get any sort of executive override.
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So the next response I got from the telco was that they'd logged in and it all looked fine. So I logged in, and sure enough it worked, and nothing was changed, right? Otherwise they'd have told me. Of course, it broke 30 seconds later, and refixed itself on a page refresh. Fabulous service. In the meantime, I can't seem to get photos from my phone to the photo album on the site via the SMS gateway, so I can't do my bounce-off-vodafone-into-flickr trick.

But enough about the telco! My bank has "improved" their online offering, by which I mean they've reskinned it and made some of the HTML less standards-compliant than it used be, and moved some columns around. My account numbers are still displayed with the first four digits hashed out, and the two credit cards I cancelled several years ago are still listed as "Balance Unavailable". One of the genuinely new things is that if I go to the Money Transfer page, it lists all the beneficiaries I've registered with BoI over the years (previously you just typed in the account number, now you select it from this list). The list for some reason includes my own accounts. Including the full account number, diligently obscured elsewhere on the page. Nice, guys.

Needless to say, this means that Finance::Bank::IE::BankOfIreland is temporarily out of commission.
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I tried to log onto Vodafone's website to check how much recent phone activity is going to cost me. I got past the basic login, then clicked on "Billing", where it asks me to enter my SEEKRIT CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER (aka the last 4 digits of my account number). I got an error message, the same one as I got a few months back and which took at least a fortnight to get fixed. After 24 hours of it being broken, I figured I'd *shudder* contact the customer abuse department. I changed my password first, since I know from past experience that they'd ask for it, and I didn't want to give out the password I usually use for this sort of online thing. Then I emailed the problem description, and ended it with
Userid: [my userid]
Password: [my new password]
SEEKRIT CODE: [aforementioned account code]

Just now I got a response, quoting my original mail in its entirety, asking for my password.

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I got some SMS spam from Vodafone today. At the end of the spam it said "if you don't want to receive any more messages from Vodafone, call freephone 1800200234" (or words to that effect). So I called, and got on to a voicemail system which announced itself as Vodafone's marketting options voicemail. It informed me that it would walk me through my settings for contact from Vodafone marketting, and that it was important that I confirmed any changes before hanging up in order for them to take effect. So I listened patiently, and pressed "1" when it said "press 1 to continue", upon which it said, "you have opted out of all contact with Vodafone Marketting" and hung up on me. Which is fine; that's pretty much my preferred state of affairs. And, in fact, it's what this actual on-paper confirmation I have from Vodafone Customer Care says, since I previously asked to opt out of all this crap. So now I get to wait and see if they spam me again, at which point I will be having a polite word with the Data Protection Registrar about compliance.

Bob says that this sort of thing happens me because I pissed off the God of Telcos at some point, and I should really just give in to it.
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Sigh. DSL is great and all, but a billing query leads me to discover that I've been double-billed for the installation charge AND it's not been billed against my original account number despite being explicitly told that it was.


Mar. 9th, 2004 01:02 pm
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Two items going in the post today: my signed paperwork for the phoneline (finally, only four months later) and paperwork to have it taken back off eircom and given to EsatBT who are going to trick it out with DSL. Take that, former state monopoly!
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Right, there's the bonus. There's also the big project I'm not talking about for which I have, well, lived up to my job title (Systems Architect) and damn well architected the system (modulo backfilling of details). I've gotten two parts of another project working today. And in a buoyant mood, I emailed the nice ComReg person to ask what sort of tracking options I have for my complaint, and she replied (a) eircom are obliged to contact me within 48 hours and resolve the issue within 10 days and (b) if I've not heard from 'em tomorrow to call her on her direct dial. Yay!
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Dear Mr Waide

I would like to acknowledge your e mail dated the 16th of February regarding eircom. I have been in contact with eircom on your behalf and they will be in contact with you in the very near future to address your issues.

Yours sincerely
Consumer Management

Bonus points for plain-text email and an outgoing-mail virus scanner. Go ComReg!
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Well, I've signed up for Esat's flat-rate access package, despite their rather odious privacy policy. I am, of course, fully expecting another customer service disaster.
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Bertie Ahern, our Glorious Leader, has directed ComReg to introduce competition on line rentals by March. Yay, sort of.

update: whoops, wrong Ahern. I was wondering why Bertie'd be talking about telecomms.
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I'm still angry, but this made me laugh )
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Evidently I need to stop dealing with telcos. This is the final paragraph from a lengthy and exasperated email to my domain registrar (currently Esat BT, although they've had several name changes since I first signed up with them) after they'd been sending me screwed up bills several years in a row:
Finally, I'd also appreciate if you could explain how my address changed from Cabinteely (correct at the time of last billing, but no longer so) to Youghal (my parents address, but not somewhere I've lived for some 12 years now). My current address for correspondance, billing, and explanations of same is [redacted]. If you wish to discuss these intriguing issues with me by phone, you may do so on [redacted] - a number which probably went missing with my Cabinteely address.
For the record, they did ultimately sort out the billing issue and explain it, kinda, but they had no light to shed on what the hell happened with my address.
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Why complain so much about your phone? Do US providers really lock you to a single model? Here, in the less-enlightened lands (we use that nasty GSM stuff instead of CDMA), all that ties you to your provider is a little inch by half-inch card with a chip on it. If you want to put that into a five- or six-year old Ericsson GA628, you can go right ahead and do so.


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