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I wonder how many people read about the recall of ALL Irish pork products produced since September over their traditional morning fry of sausage, rashers and pudding?
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I caught a cold-like thing two weeks back, and it kept me off the running and gym in order that I not drown in mucus and/or freeze to death. I've been back at the gym this week, but still on reduced weights; no running as it's FRICKIN' FREEZING outside. By which I mean the temperature is in single digit celsius values; you people who consider this balmy can shut right up already.
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Only my second week back and already I'm starting to feel like I can think about putting the weights up a little again. In fact, I definitely think I could do more with the hamstrings if both the seated leg curl machines didn't have locked up frickin' computers attached. One of which, I might add, has been locked up since about Wednesday last week. I was surreptitiously looking around for a way of power-cycling the thing, but I think I'd actually have to yank the plug out of the wall, and it's not convenient to do so. Lest there be any doubt: while my tendency towards sloth restricts my choice of gym to SUCKWEASEL CRUNCH FITNESS, make no mistake that SUCKWEASEL CRUNCH FITNESS are, in fact, SUCKWEASELS.
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Back to the gym tonight; in passing, I discovered I must've left my favourite running shorts there on Monday, which is a bit annoying but I guess I needed a new pair anyway. Stuck with the reduced weights for now, plus I'm still not doing the entire floor workout - there's a point at which you ask your stomach muscles to contract, and nothing happens, and that's the point at which you may as well skip to the next exercise...

hply sjot

Nov. 5th, 2008 09:57 pm
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Looked like someone emptied an entire modelling house into the gym tonight. I don't think I've ever seen so much "talent" in there.

Also, I've been in inordinately good humour today. Pretty much everyone I talked to smiled at me, so I think it's radiating.
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Down to the gym for the first time in, er. Let's not count the weeks, shall we? Suffice to say that my login on the gym telemetry told me I needed to talk to an instructor to get it reactivated... anyway. I dropped 10 to 15 pounds off the weights I normally lift, and still couldn't finish out a full set. I'm a bit disappointed with that, but not really surprised, since running doesn't do a whole lot of resistance work on my arms...

ow, dammit

Sep. 20th, 2008 11:31 pm
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So one of the more peculiar post-race injuries appears to be my right shoulder. Now, it's entirely possible I slept on it the wrong way or something, but I don't recall having any trouble with it this morning so I can only attribute its current state of "please do not lift me in that direction" to the race.

This is obviously a major concern, since this is my drinking arm, dammit.
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I picked up a new pair of runners last weekend, sticking with what the nice adidas girl told me and thus I'm now the owner of a pair of adidas Supernova Control 10, er, running shoes. I'd actually spent a little time looking online beforehand, and while Nike also do a motion control shoe (what us over-pronaters need, apparently), Lifestyle Sports didn't stock any of them, plus I had a 10% discount voucher for the adidas kit courtesy of my little foot test.

More on them shoeses )

hit points

Aug. 17th, 2008 11:21 pm
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I neglected to note specifics of soreness in the previous:
  • blisters strike once again. I've had various recommendations made to me but the most promising was probably before the race when I took a spin on the Adidas footscan system to find out how messed up my gait is. The verdict - overpronation - is actually pretty obvious from where I get the blisters and from the way my shoes wear, and since I'm about due a new pair of runners I'll be looking out for the ones with bits to counter overpronation.
  • The usual post-race creaks are starting to bite, but obviously exacerbated somewhat by the five-a-side where I did a fair amount of sprinting (I apologised to one of the opposition for a somewhat uptempo challenge by saying what I lacked in skill I was trying to make up for in enthusiasm). So in addition to the expected stressed calves I've also got a bit of soreness about the quads and hamstrings.
  • I took an awkward shouldering during the soccer also; I'm not entirely clear on what happened, but it hurt, and it hurt the following morning, too. I think I just managed to bend my shoulder in one of the directions it's not supposed to go in, but not seriously so - just enough to make it OUCHY.
The stairs at Tara Street DART station should provide their usual post-race amusement (by which I mean torture) tomorrow.
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5 miles, 38:40. A bit faster than my intended pace, but it was a comfortable run - I didn't feel like I was pushing myself. HRM says I averaged 160bpm, but also claims I hit a peak of 217, so I'm not wholly sure what to make of that; the few times I glanced at it while running it was below 160.
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Got some new running goodies this weekend: a heart-rate monitor, a new pair of running shorts, and some decent running socks - still trying to find that perfect pair that'll save me from the blisters at mile 3. The HRM wasn't quite what I wanted; I'd been looking at the entry-level Polar kit, but none of the places I tried had it - Elverys, who advertise it on their website, had no HRMs in stock, Champion Sports (or was it Lifestyle?) had nothing either, and the only other likely spot, Argos, didn't have any of the Polar kit in stock, so I opted instead for their bottom-of-the-range offering given that worst case, I'd be out €22. Back home, I read the piece of paper with the HRM to find out how to use it, then went out for a run.

The plan: 5 miles, 40 minutes; I'm doing a 5-mile next weekend, and I didn't want to do the sort of hard burn I did last weekend. Aside from that, Sunday's supposed to be my day off exercising in general, just that my schedule got shunted slightly this week.

The reality: I can't, apparently, run a kilometre in five minutes, unless I've got someone else pacing me. It just seems too slow to me. I would up doing 4:15's or thereabouts, ultimately finishing the 5 miles in 35 minutes.

The socks: no blisters! there was a very mild chafing towards the end of the last kilometre, but I sailed past the three-mile mark without a twinge. Hurrah!

The HRM: functional. It can be used as a stopwatch - which I needed - as long as you bear in mind that there's a few-second lag between pressing the BIG RED BUTTON and the stopwatch actually starting. My resting heart rate is about 41 - which I knew, and which apparently means I'm either quite fit or verging on death - but I was quite surprised at how quickly it went up; within a couple of hundred metres of my front door, my heart rate had tripled to over 120bpm, and ultimately sat somewhere around 170 for the bulk of the running, peaking at just over 180. Hurrah for numbers! Ultimately, it's not a great HRM (the entry-level Polar has a real stopwatch, for example; the Polars have the added benefit that they'd talk to the stuff I use in the gym) but it'll do me for now.
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Apparently today was my 101st gym session. Not sure what became of 100; I think last Saturday's running (which I duly logged in the gym tracking) wound up being counted as 99, and my 99th gym session became my 100th. Just a theory, mind you.
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The VFI are still the same bunch of misanthropes as the last time I checked: they're expected to criticise proposals to lower the legal blood alcohol limit for drivers, because let's face it, people should be allowed drink and drive, nanny state, our own business, etc. etc. etc.

And Bank of Ireland aren't quite done on their admission of laptop losses; apparently they lost one in Kildare 7 years ago. The bank seems to be treating it as an unconfirmed allegation, while RTÉ seems to be taking it as fact.
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Well, kinda. In that I made some barbeque sauce, marinaded two pork chops in it, then grilled them and served one (to myself) with some fried potato slices. It did feature some of the best parts of a barbeque, though:
  • Somewhat inclement weather, albeit outdoors
  • Meat not cooked at the same time as non-meat
  • Meat slightly burnt on the outside (although I did manage to avoid the corresponding raw-on-the-inside feature)
  • Makings of salad, to balance out the unhealthiness, left to one side
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  • Independant review of drug classification in the UK says, "leave cannabis as a Class C drug"
  • The Labour party (the incumbents), having recently had a fairly dramatic loss in support in both polls and local elections, ignore the review and reclassify it as Class B.
  • The Tory party (the opposition with the best chance of being the incumbents at some point in the future) say that it shouldn't have been declassified, or reclassified from B to C in the first place.
  • And the Lib Dems, who will never have any power worth talking about, say something or other in support of either the Class C ranking, or possibly complete decriminalisation. It doesn't really matter, as noone votes for them anyway.

And, you know, amid all this speculation about the possible but unproven side-effects of THC, both alcohol and nicotine remain freely available, non-criminalised drugs despite the mountains of proof that they cause personal health problems, social problems, and financial burdens for already beleaguered health services.1

Just as well I live in a more enlightened country... oh, wait. Never mind.

[1] Not saying I necessarily support the criminalisation of drink and smokes. Just that the continued hypocrisy annoys me no end.
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The Health Service Executive has said it does not know how many confidential medical files have been dumped in fields Co Cork, or how they got there.(link)
I was treated in one of the mentioned hospitals for a broken arm in 1979.
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The weather so far this year would best be classed as "broken". As such, given my membership of a nice, warm gym, I've been sticking mainly to that as my source of exercise. And when I've the chance to do a more balanced workout on an assortment of hardware instead of pounding my knees to pieces in the bitter cold, I know which I'll opt for. However, there's a suggestion of a rise in temperature, so I've registered for a 5 mile race on May 18th. I'm thinking of doing the Adidas Race Series again this year, but that doesn't kick in until mid-July, and I'd like to get a little running done before then.
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There was something-or-other - more than one something-or-other, if I recall correctly - floating around in the last few months about how all the "exercise to lose weight" advisories were based on some utterly flawed research in the first half of the 20th century. To be honest, I forget the specifics, but the key argument was that if you go and do some exercise, you burn energy, and your body raises the HUNGRY flag in order to get some fuel to replace that energy. And once you start eating, you'll probably overdo it, and thus Exercise Makes You Fat (or so went the something-or-other, at least).

Which fails to account for the fact that on gym nights I often find myself with no real appetite for any food, much less more food than usual.

Mind you, anyone who watches the dial on the treadmill will be aware that your non-professional exercise isn't particularly great at burning off calories anyway. I'll typically burn 300 in 25 minutes of cardio, which is replaced by a pint and a half of guinness...


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