Mar. 19th, 2008 12:08 am
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Actually, I'm not sure this is irony, but that's a whole other discussion. Anyway, as noted to [ profile] wisn just now: I spent an amount of time fiddling with calendars on my Linux laptop, including hacking up a bit of CGI that would show the current day in the center of a page with the current week, current month, etc. in progressively smaller boxes around it (actually quite a neat UI if I'd ever gotten it working right). Now that I've got a MacBook with iCal on it, I barely use the calendar at all.
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Found in the Red Hat kickstart guide for RHEL5:
langsupport (required)
The langsupport keyword is deprecated...
(my emphasis)
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Google Error
Not Found
The requested URL /linux/ was not found on this server.

Guys, it's on the front page of and in the Google blog. Don't forget to actually release it...

update: Installed it. Somewhat miffed that it can't find my default file browser on a stock Gnome installation on a fairly stock Fedora Core build. Also it's probably not the smartest idea to set it loose on an entire Linux disk; certainly I could do with leaving out the entirety of, say, /usr.
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Out of curiosity I just grepped my access log to see who (if anyone) had downloaded my freebie half-assed RVP server. Aside from bots, there was a 13. address, which I fed to whois, and got:
OrgName:    Xerox Palo Alto Research Center
OrgID:      XPARC 
Address:    3333 Coyote Hill Road 
City:       Palo Alto 
StateProv:  CA 
PostalCode: 94304 
Country:    US
Giggle Giggle Giggle. I've been PARC'd.
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FC4 system:
# rpm -Uvh fedora-release-5-5.noarch.rpm
# yum -y upgrade

If this actually works I'll be quite astounded.

update: it sorta worked, by which I mean metacity: some bizarre error you've never seen before while loading some 3d rendering library and the like. Currently torrenting the DVD so I can do a proper rip/reinstall.
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I've been working on a plugin for Gaim to allow it to connect to Microsoft Exchange Instant Messaging. It's reached the point where it's actually usable and mostly doesn't destroy major cities when you run it. This morning someone emailed me to say he's pushed it for inclusion in Gentoo's package list. On one hand, yay, distribution; on the other hand, ew, Gentoo (mildly NSFW link; I like this one, too, and it's totally SFW).
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In doing so, mangles english language:
"The numerosity and substantiality of the disclosures..."
clickosity on the linkiality to readinatise moreible
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Here in my Firefox window I have some highlighted text. In my head this is, perhaps, the X Primary selection. For a transient period in time it is also X Cut Buffer 0. From Firefox's context menu I've selected Copy, so it should now also be in the X Clipboard selection. However, in the Emacs buffer I wanted to paste to, it is not in any of these places. I don't know where it is. Why is this, exactly? I've read what is probably the clearest doc available on what should be happening (Note that despite the fact that Emacs has scragged the X Primary selection through a kill operation in another window, the text remains highlighted in Firefox). Someone here is not reading from the correct hymn sheet, and I want them found and shot, because if I select and copy text I fully expect it to be available to the next application that says, "insert clipboard contents here". Of course, it could well be that emacs, in its wisdom, is scragging the X Primary selection, X Cut Buffer 0, and the Clipboard all in one go... gah.
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How to recover a Linux Volume Manager-managed partition.

/home: not a directory

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46. The beheading and murder of United States Citizens in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and other countries have been videotaped, converted to MPEG and other images for viewing on the public Internet through the use of OSS and Linux software and computer technology developed and purloined by Linux and OSS members and illegally exported from the United States. (link)
Damn those MPEG-exporting, Linux-using OSS thieves and their support for global terrah!
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this makes me think about this and giggle.
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[root@barney tmp]# rm isomnt
rm: remove directory `isomnt'? y
rm: cannot remove directory `isomnt': Is a directory
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So I am attending the Novell Brainshare conference in Barcelona next week. After some poking around I found the website (which at the time I found it was still referring to BrainShare 2003, even though the dates were all in 2004). It invited me to register, which required, among other things, the mandatory provision of a company fax number (sorry, we seem to have left our fax in, uh, 1984) and way too much demographic information. Sigh. I forged ahead.

dear lord, the man's STILL whining )
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I really like this. (SFW, 640x522 image, insulting to those wacky gentoo folk)
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Poking through some games for Linux, I find frozen-bubble, which is described thusly:
Full-featured, colorful animated penguin eyecandy, 50 levels of 1p game, hours and hours of 2p game, 3 professional quality 20-channels musics, 15 stereo sound effects, 7 unique graphical transition effects.
Uh, nice, but, eh, what is the GAME, exactly?

(it's a "shoot a coloured ball to match other coloured balls" game, and it's very pretty and has really good sound, but the difficulty of the levels is completely random, and I gave up around level 67 or so)
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would the the last investor to leave SCO please turn out the lights?


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