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I cut myself today.

While dusting.

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Possibly available in my area soon: "affordable" two-bedroom apartments. The thing is, the reduced price for these will be €300,000; the scheme is only open to people earning up to €55,000 (or €75,000 for couples) but according to the last article I read on the topic (and my out-of-date understanding of the Central Bank's guidelines to lenders), you need to be earning about €75,000 to €100,000 to get a €300,000 mortgage in the first place.


Jan. 14th, 2007 01:09 pm
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My landlady just stopped by to say she's having the house valued, because she's thinking "vaguely" about moving. This may mean that I have to give up on my little batcave in favour of smaller, pricier digs elsewhere.
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More stuff turned up while sorting through old junk: a post, whether from email, Usenet, or the BBS-a-like we used in college I don't know (nor does Google), but the opening and closing lines have been stuck in my head for ever. Reproduced exactly here as I found it, complete with formatting and typos.78-column weirdness follows )
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Discoveries while attempting to get rid of some of the last decade of accumulated cruft (actually, some is even older than that):
  • licenses for SCO OpenServer 5, Star Office 5, and some other random piece of crap downloadable software
  • Notes on the design of my website, for the layout I was using prior to the current one
  • Someone's thesis describing a HTML document management system
  • A paper presented by a coworker at Motorola on a helpdesk system I wrote
  • Certificates for my Firewall-1 training, OSP training, and whiskey tasting
  • an actual back-of-the-envelope drawing of my apartment on Watling street, with measurements (all 360 square feet of it)
Also, I ended up walking around the house with a 500MB Apple SCSI drive in my pocket for a while.
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I decided to clean the stack of shelves which featured in that video clip I made a while back. Mostly this involved moving things from one shelf to another, although some stuff did get earmarked for binning or recycling as appropriate. I did, however, find the sellotape I was looking for when I made said video clip.
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I'm currently poking through listings on DAFT and finding myself somewhat perplexed at the amount of listings which state, "Rent Allowance Not Accepted". Rent Allowance is a government benefit amounting to, I think, up to a few hundred euro per year. I claim it myself, since I'm eligible for it and I pay tax and so forth. The only reason I can think of that someone might say they're not accepting rent allowance claimants is that they're not declaring their rental property to the government. The thing is:
  • Last time I checked, the government had waived the requirement for the tenant to obtain the landlord's SSI number, so the landlord simply doesn't need to know you're on rent allowance;
  • If you go around advertising your property as "No Rent Allowance", you're pretty much asking the Revenue folk to investigate;
  • Various bits of tenanty legislation, such as the requirement for a rent book and what not, will ultimately leave a paper trail should the Revenue investigate post facto, with the added benefit that they charge interest on unpaid tax;
  • If you, as a landlord, DO somehow tick off your tenant when it's obvious that you're not declaring your full tax liability, there's nothing stopping the tenant from casually reporting the fact to the Revenue, ensuring you get the rubber glove treatment (well, ok, I don't know how often this actually happens, or how likely they are to pursue it)
Really, I don't understand these people.
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One of the things I did this weekend that I've been meaning to do for a long time is to replace the single-socket power outlet in the kitchen with a dual-socket so that I can stop hanging the kettle and the coffee maker off one of those nasty cube-ish expanders. Previous attempts to unplug the cube were hampered somewhat by its not wanting to come out of the socket, and I assumed some cruft or other had caused it to get jammed. So today I popped the relevant circuit breaker (discovering, in the process, that the annotation on the circuit board that reads, "...& one socket in front room" actually means "both sockets bracketing the fireplace, one of which your webserver is plugged into") and went at the kitchen socket with a screwdriver.

And discovered, in the process, that the previously-mentioned incident in which certain older people of my acquaintance fried both my toaster and a PCMCIA card which happened to be my LAN's link to the Intarweb had, in the process, welded the cube expander's Neutral pin to the socket. I am now even more in awe of the raw destructive power of said incident.

Anyway, the socket replacement is accomplished. I briefly thought I'd screwed the pooch when I switched on the kettle and no light came on. Silly me, the kettle doesn't have a flippin' light. I'd imagined one, apparently.
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As previously mentioned, I'm somewhat arachnophobic. I used be really bad in the sort of "Dad, there's a spider in my room, shriek shriek" sense, but over the years I've developed enough tolerance to generally disregard a spider in the same room as me as long as it's not advancing on me with sharpened teeth, etc.

So last night I observed a tshirt and hoodie on my floor which really needed to be in the laundry. As I went to pick them up I noticed a


sitting on top of the hoodie.

So I grabbed the corner of the hoodie furthest away from the spider and gently lifted it up until the spider fell off, onto the carpet. Fair enough, I thought. I then proceeded to untangle the tshirt from the hoodie, at which point

I found

another spider.


I am assuming the feckers were mating. IN MY CLOTHING. This does not make me happy in any way.


Aug. 18th, 2004 11:19 pm
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While cooking last night, I opened the back door to let out some smoke, and jumped back suddenly. here's why )
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This is "affordable housing" in my neck of the woods. Actually, it's not even quite my neck of the woods, just in the same council district.
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I have a temporary room mate - a friend who's landed a job in Dublin and needs somewhere to crash while he sorts out his accomodation. The only major change thus far was that I moved the two computers in the spare room out to the front room, which this morning is causing me to think that the fileserver box really needs its case put back on so that it's not making quite so much fan noise.
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Just spent the last hour or so moving furniture around. Specifically, squeezing the double bed into the small room in place of the single, which now shares the master bedroom with the futon. End result: the small room is more cramped, but still usable as a place to put up guests, particularly if they arrive in couples; the master bedroom now has enough room for me to set up my little workout bench. Of course, whether I use it or not is an entirely other matter...
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Putting stuff out of sight is almost as good as cleaning up, but takes far less effort.
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The subject about says it all. The landlord is taking the cost of cleaning the place "professionally"[1] out of my deposit. Besides that, I got away pretty much unscathed, but that's seriously taking the piss. I shouldn't have bothered spending Sunday cleaning the place myself.

[1] Knowing the landlord's penny-pinching, this probably means Honest Bob's Cleaning and Body Removal Company.

and so.

Nov. 3rd, 2003 11:11 am
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All my stuff except my bike is now at the new digs. A lot of it, alas, is still on the floor or stacked haphazardly, and I still haven't figured out how best to set up the surround sound to take advantage of both the permanently available TV and the occasionally available projection screen - I've got some nice white walls to project onto, but there are some impediments to which ones I choose to use, in the form of fireplace, storage heater, etc. The new cooker will take a bit of getting used to, since the grill seems a little underpowered compared to the old place, but it's WAY faster to heat up both grill and rings. I've verified the address with the local sorting office and it appears that I do indeed live in "Basement Apartment" as opposed to, say, "6a" - Nerdsholm addressbook updated, btw. Since everyone's asked, no, I am not living troll-like below ground. It's a sort of mezzanine basement, the sort where the windowsills are at ground level. It's actually brighter in the evenings than my old place, even this late in the year and with DST in operation. Tonight I'll be handing over the keys to the old place and sorting out return of deposit, cancellation/transfer of services and final bills, and sorting out a phoneline for the new place through eircom's instant-connect service or whatever the hell they call it. If I'm still keen on the place after a month I'll probably look into getting DSL, but for now I'm sticking with a regular POTS line. I'll also need to redirect my mail until I get all the address changes sorted out. All these little aftershocks after the giant quake of moving.
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Sigh. Confluence of events means I'm moving stuff by myself, although there are two offers of reinforcements later this afternoon so I'll leave the blanket box 'til then, maybe. Two carloads so far, and I figure without another car I'll be doing another three or four runs. Trying to figure out what way around to put the front room; I have a choice of two blank walls to use as a projection screen, but one would require me to have my back to the fireplace, and the other has a heater against it so I'd have to put the media stack off to one side for when I'm not using the projector. Oh, the difficulties of the single overprovided-with-toys geek. My one major doubt - the yappy dog upstairs - seems to be a non-doubt. Sure, the dog barks whenever the gate bangs shut, but he soon stops, and it doesn't seem to be a big deal anyway. Time will tell, I guess. Once I've this place fully cleared, I gotta do a top-to-bottom cleanup - hoovering, dusting, etc. sinc e I don't want to give my present landlord any excuse to hang onto my deposit.

oh and

Oct. 31st, 2003 12:33 am
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got the house. moving saturday. it's not perfect, but it's an improvement over spending my evenings in a room full of cardboard boxes full of My Stuff.


Oct. 29th, 2003 09:12 pm
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Work: I rock, I do. I need to reflect that in my timesheet, though.

House hunting: Good prospect just around the corner from here. Mind you, I laid on the charm so heavily I almost fell for myself. I scare me sometimes. I find out tomorrow if this is good to go or not, which is cool, because I really didn't want to drag into another month, and also it lines me up for a weekend move.

Other: a little blast from the past gave me cause for reminiscence and not a little humour today.
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I looked at three places last night. One was the house I got locked into. I may pursue this, since it's by far the biggest rent drop over my current digs. The second was a one-bedroom unit, but surprisingly large and with enough hallspace to, say, drop a bunch of computers in should I need somewhere to site the stack. The third was a under-refurbishment basement apartment down the road from where I live right now. It's HUGE. It's only €100/mo less than what I'm paying now, though, and the landlady living upstairs has a yappy dog.


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