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Richard suggested that people turn up wearing tuxes and hawaiian shirts, as a tribute to our office manager who's headed back stateside. Then he backed down to "a nice suit and a hawaiian shirt". In the end, it was a little half-hearted... )
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"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention to arrive safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming: Wow!! What a ride!"
- Dean Karnazes
I'm still not sure I'm sold on this line, but I do know that as I walked away from the finish line today, with burning lungs and sore feet, and a good ten to fifteen minutes to get to where I'd parked my car, I couldn't stop myself from grinning at what I'd just done. Even now, thinking about it, I find myself involuntarily grinning again.
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Feb 25 22:55:20 <waider> not thinking gets me in trouble
Feb 25 22:55:28 <waider> thinking gets me in different trouble
Going over old chat logs is actually kinda fun, although I'm sure I could be doing something better with the time, like, say, SLEEPING.

(I should stress, this isn't related to any current or recent events, it's just one of those "hey, I said something funny" moments that tend to feed the quotes file.)
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I caught a cold-like thing two weeks back, and it kept me off the running and gym in order that I not drown in mucus and/or freeze to death. I've been back at the gym this week, but still on reduced weights; no running as it's FRICKIN' FREEZING outside. By which I mean the temperature is in single digit celsius values; you people who consider this balmy can shut right up already.
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Earlier today, I was thinking about watching Music and Lyrics. Right now I'm thinking more about watching The Rock. I have no idea what this means.
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Had a day off work today, mainly as I need to somehow chew up a bunch of vacation time before the end of the year so that I don't wind up losing days (our carryover limit is 5 days); given the time off I figured a haircut was needed. My secret superpower was in full effect - a rare event in Dublin, as it mainly seems to work on vacation: I got a free hot chocolate in my regular coffee shop, where I was discussing with the staff the new chocolate powder they'd gotten, and they wanted my verdict on whether the addition of a shot of vanilla did anything for it; in the hairdresser's, waiting for colour to do whatever colour does (set? bleach? mutate the very DNA of my hair?), the colourist stopped by to give me a bar of chocolate. Go me, etc.
Result of haircut )

hply sjot

Nov. 5th, 2008 09:57 pm
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Looked like someone emptied an entire modelling house into the gym tonight. I don't think I've ever seen so much "talent" in there.

Also, I've been in inordinately good humour today. Pretty much everyone I talked to smiled at me, so I think it's radiating.
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Down to the gym for the first time in, er. Let's not count the weeks, shall we? Suffice to say that my login on the gym telemetry told me I needed to talk to an instructor to get it reactivated... anyway. I dropped 10 to 15 pounds off the weights I normally lift, and still couldn't finish out a full set. I'm a bit disappointed with that, but not really surprised, since running doesn't do a whole lot of resistance work on my arms...
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I recently received a nice little present: an AVI of me playing guitar and singing at JC and Anita's wedding in 2007. It's post-dinner, so I'm (presumably) a bit drunk and definitely hoarser than I'd like, but it's kinda funny, too. I'm watching myself doing U2's Running to Stand Still and throwing in random smartassery, like singing the "seven towers" line and then quipping that it's more like five now. Thanks, JC.
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So I'm used to (but never to the point of taking for granted) the mystical secret superpower that allows me to learn the names of serving staff (usually barstaff) and acquire free drinks.

But tonight exceeded all previous outings: my entire TAB was covered by the bar. And no, I do not mean "I did a runner".
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In a bar on Saturday night, one of Lou's friends who sort-of knows me is standing next to me at the bar.

"You look familiar, Ronan, but I can't figure out why. What's your second name?"
"Waide. Ronan Waide"
"Waide... are you Waider?"

Much giggling on my part, obviously. He knew me from the Irish Linux Users Group, a gathering of which (funnily enough) was one of the previous places where someone had a "so you're Waider" reaction.
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incoming waider alert: August 31st - September 13th. YHBW.
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5 miles, 38:40. A bit faster than my intended pace, but it was a comfortable run - I didn't feel like I was pushing myself. HRM says I averaged 160bpm, but also claims I hit a peak of 217, so I'm not wholly sure what to make of that; the few times I glanced at it while running it was below 160.
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5 mile race in the Phoenix Park; looks like I clocked in just under 33 minutes. This in the face of rain and wind, too. Official time when it becomes available.

updated: Overall place: 198, Place in category (M35): 44, Race time: 00:33:04, Chip time: 00:32:46
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I am currently nosing around holiday websites to try and figure out what I'm going to do with my time off work. Obviously doing nothing is the cheapest, easiest option, but the summer here has been pretty miserable and I'm inclined to catch a bit of sunshine somewhere. I am, however, finding it somewhat difficult, since there does not appear to be a convenient website wherein I can say, "I have two weeks off, starting thus and ending thus, and a nominal budget. What can I do?". I'm reduced to iterating through a list of destinations and heavy use of the "back" button (which doesn't always work, thank you sites with redirects). I may actually have to *gasp* visit a travel agent at this rate.

I know, I know, I find fault with everything. That's my fault. (well, one of 'em.)
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Got some new running goodies this weekend: a heart-rate monitor, a new pair of running shorts, and some decent running socks - still trying to find that perfect pair that'll save me from the blisters at mile 3. The HRM wasn't quite what I wanted; I'd been looking at the entry-level Polar kit, but none of the places I tried had it - Elverys, who advertise it on their website, had no HRMs in stock, Champion Sports (or was it Lifestyle?) had nothing either, and the only other likely spot, Argos, didn't have any of the Polar kit in stock, so I opted instead for their bottom-of-the-range offering given that worst case, I'd be out €22. Back home, I read the piece of paper with the HRM to find out how to use it, then went out for a run.

The plan: 5 miles, 40 minutes; I'm doing a 5-mile next weekend, and I didn't want to do the sort of hard burn I did last weekend. Aside from that, Sunday's supposed to be my day off exercising in general, just that my schedule got shunted slightly this week.

The reality: I can't, apparently, run a kilometre in five minutes, unless I've got someone else pacing me. It just seems too slow to me. I would up doing 4:15's or thereabouts, ultimately finishing the 5 miles in 35 minutes.

The socks: no blisters! there was a very mild chafing towards the end of the last kilometre, but I sailed past the three-mile mark without a twinge. Hurrah!

The HRM: functional. It can be used as a stopwatch - which I needed - as long as you bear in mind that there's a few-second lag between pressing the BIG RED BUTTON and the stopwatch actually starting. My resting heart rate is about 41 - which I knew, and which apparently means I'm either quite fit or verging on death - but I was quite surprised at how quickly it went up; within a couple of hundred metres of my front door, my heart rate had tripled to over 120bpm, and ultimately sat somewhere around 170 for the bulk of the running, peaking at just over 180. Hurrah for numbers! Ultimately, it's not a great HRM (the entry-level Polar has a real stopwatch, for example; the Polars have the added benefit that they'd talk to the stuff I use in the gym) but it'll do me for now.
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Apparently today was my 101st gym session. Not sure what became of 100; I think last Saturday's running (which I duly logged in the gym tracking) wound up being counted as 99, and my 99th gym session became my 100th. Just a theory, mind you.
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Generally whenever an online service has popped up offering free registration, I've tried to snag the waider username as quickly as possible. Sort of name-squatting, if you will. This means I've got accounts on so many systems I can't remember them all, and practically speaking all I use is livejournal and my own website (updated: and flickr). So I've decided to clean up the rest. Just an FYI in case you're wondering where my Facebook/Orkut/Myspace/Advogato/etc. accounts have gone.
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So I was regaling the office folk with my timing mishap.

And then my boss pointed out that the weekend I'm running and stagging is also his wedding weekend.

And for good measure, [livejournal.com profile] zefren pointed out that it's a Significant Birthday.

I'm cashing in my liver right now.


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