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congrats to my little sister and her husband who are the proud parents of my newest niece!
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It would be rude of me to share the whole thing. Suffice to say I directed Dad at my brother's tribulations with home redecoration, and Dad followed up with an email titled "How to carry 12ft lengths in AUDI" which I am still laughing at some ten minutes after reading. Go dad!
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I got measured up for a suit for my sister's wedding today. Much to my surprise, the measurements match pretty much exactly what I'd determined through trouser-and-error myself, despite my previous concerns about said measurements. I guess the difference is you don't normally go to a tailor to have the fit of your denims tweaked.
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Newspaper article, although since the URL looks pretty generic (i.e. will be replaced next week), here's the article )
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Today, The Brother was interviewed on a local radio station about the find. Also, I note that Wikipedia mentions the find, although only barely. For those who are interested I have an audio clip of the interview - email me if you're interested, as I'm not linking it.
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This would be the Diving One as opposed to the American One: he and two colleagues found this and got a big write-up in a local paper.

a thought

Apr. 20th, 2006 11:45 pm
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Maybe SMS flong should be called "phlong". (HI BRO)
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(the following was conducted by text message)
Me: Reading perez-reverte book. Suddenly struck by the question 'do illicit drugs have a sell-by date?'
Dad: Ask john gilligan in portlaoise prison


Apr. 12th, 2006 11:07 pm
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Happy 40th Anniversary, Mom & Dad! Yay!
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After being captured on a cheap mic, compressed down to somewhere under 9600 bps using voice-oriented filters and what not, passed across the Atlantic and recorded on the cheapest voicemail system money can buy, U2 sounded a bit naff, but I was still able to recognise "Sunday Bloody Sunday".

Thanks for the call, [livejournal.com profile] waidesworld. This is why my phone stays in the other room overnight.
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One of the things I did this weekend that I've been meaning to do for a long time is to replace the single-socket power outlet in the kitchen with a dual-socket so that I can stop hanging the kettle and the coffee maker off one of those nasty cube-ish expanders. Previous attempts to unplug the cube were hampered somewhat by its not wanting to come out of the socket, and I assumed some cruft or other had caused it to get jammed. So today I popped the relevant circuit breaker (discovering, in the process, that the annotation on the circuit board that reads, "...& one socket in front room" actually means "both sockets bracketing the fireplace, one of which your webserver is plugged into") and went at the kitchen socket with a screwdriver.

And discovered, in the process, that the previously-mentioned incident in which certain older people of my acquaintance fried both my toaster and a PCMCIA card which happened to be my LAN's link to the Intarweb had, in the process, welded the cube expander's Neutral pin to the socket. I am now even more in awe of the raw destructive power of said incident.

Anyway, the socket replacement is accomplished. I briefly thought I'd screwed the pooch when I switched on the kettle and no light came on. Silly me, the kettle doesn't have a flippin' light. I'd imagined one, apparently.
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A combination of [livejournal.com profile] waidesworld paying me a visit (see: pubs, drunken Irish), sorting out commuting to and from the new job, and general lack of sleep due to the body clock being on Unemployed Bum time means I've not been out running in about two weeks. No matter how badly this shames me, it still doesn't motivate me to get up and out after 9pm to rectify it.

Maybe tomorrow night.

Maybe next week.
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My brother (the one who lives in Boston) was visiting, and I was providing chauffer and contact facilities to him. This is my approximate itinerary for the last week:
Thu 8: Dublin - Youghal
Sun 11: Youghal - Dublin
Tue 13: Dublin - Youghal
Wed 14: Youghal - Cork - Oranmore
Thu 15: Oranmore - Shannon - Dublin

The GPS toy tells me I've done about 700 miles since 9:30am yesterday, at an average speed of somewhere short of 60kph.
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Here's the flight itinerary:
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...to [livejournal.com profile] waidesworld, who is now legally entitled to vote Republican and the like. Go bro!

and so.

Dec. 28th, 2004 12:26 am
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for those of you who know her (and I guess significantly in this pile would be [livejournal.com profile] odaiwai), my sister got engaged on Christmas Day.
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Evidently it is an unwritten law of the universe that whenever there's a "Top 20 Things Waider Is Interested In"-type show on TV, a family member will phone me just as the number 1 item is being discussed, and the call will last until the end of the show.
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me: So what am I getting my other niece for Christmas?
brother: A cardboard box
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My folks just sent me a link to the Subservient Chicken.


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