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Richard suggested that people turn up wearing tuxes and hawaiian shirts, as a tribute to our office manager who's headed back stateside. Then he backed down to "a nice suit and a hawaiian shirt". In the end, it was a little half-hearted... )
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Omitted from the list of Christmas stuff: a set of coasters featuring some choice words from King George. "I know the human being and the fish can coexist peacefully", he says to me with that dimwit half-smile on his face.
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  • Bob, 5-in-1 "wobble clock"
  • Transmetropolitan: Tales of Human Waste
  • One Hit Wonderland
  • A hangover (Extra Large)
  • A hug (regular)
  • A cold (small)
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Barring late surprises, this is the collection of gifts given to me this year. I think most of 'em were purchased from my employer...
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It appears that I have finally lost the Santa hat that I bought (or otherwise acquired; I honestly can't remember how I came by it) years and years ago. For the past few years, it's always mysteriously turned up in time for me to wear it at least once over Christmas, but I have a vague suspicion that somewhere in the middle of last year's events it was stolen off my head in a crowded bar. Or, I dunno, maybe the elves took it.
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As with last year, it's all the "swag" kind of booty and none of the, hmm, Beyonce kind of booty. Anyway. A stack of books, and an MP3 player which is waiting for my folks in the US before I get it, but it's a Sony MP3 player as opposed to, say, a Generic We Found It In Taiwan MP3 player.

oh and

Dec. 24th, 2004 09:59 am
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Merry Christmas to y'all.
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Henry Rollins reciting "The Night Before Christmas" with background sounds including helicopters and gunshots is quite possibly the most menacing version of said poem I've ever heard.
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me: So what am I getting my other niece for Christmas?
brother: A cardboard box


Dec. 14th, 2004 10:29 am
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1       Crazy Elf         Dec 13   22/1010  "MERRY CHRISTMAS "
2  N    Good Elf          Dec 13   22/997   "Adult Santa Presents"
3  N    Dirty Elf         Dec 14   23/1049  "MERRY CHRISTMAS "
4  N    Perverted Elf     Dec 14   23/1077  "MERRY CHRISTMAS "

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It must be Christmas, the Post Office is on strike.

Yes, really.
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There's still an outstanding package from ThinkGeek, but so far I have scored a DVD writer (Mom & Dad) and a shiny new digital camera (eldest brother). Also in this years' haul: Rashomon on DVD, some books, the traditional Terry's Chocolate Orange, 8 Christmas cards, many drinks.

None of the other sort of booty so far, alas.
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Forgot one thing: a book called Heaven Knows, the content of which is letters from deceased persons to the living. All of Irish historical significance, and humour. Looks interesting, but I've not cracked it open yet.

Irritated at the moment because the washing machine broke again. Now, I've not been scrupulously careful about loading it, but I've been far more careful than I was for the year plus before it broke, so I'm blaming the guy who "fixed" it. Inspection of the innards revealed that the drive wheel was loose; this time, having an actual functioning brane in operation, I realised that the wheelbrace which came with my car is about the correct size for the bolt that holds the drive wheel on. Jammed the drum, cranked the bolt about a quarter-turn, and presto. Happy washing machine. I guess I should get some threadlock or something to make sure it doesn't slip again, although the way my bro used do this was to hammer seven shades of shit out of the exposed part of the thread so that the only way the bolt was coming off was if it recut the threads itself. Of course, there's no exposed thread, so even if I wanted to cowboy it I couldn't.

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Minority Report 2-disc + bonus CD ROM
Leon (aka The Professional)
Fight Club 2-disc

Stupid White Men
(also bought Faster and Interface for myself, the latter is a repurchase due to lost original copy)

Folding Grill thing. Sorta like George Foreman's, without the branding baggage
Laptop carry-case
Torch for my car (from Goddaughter, lest you think someone's got a naff sense of gifts)
USB Zip Drive (gift from ME to ME)
Terry's Chocolate Orange (traditional stocking filler in our house)
CD of Christmas Carols
A baseball hat
Several hangovers
A beermat fragment
Too many credit card receipts

I think that about covers it.


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