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Richard suggested that people turn up wearing tuxes and hawaiian shirts, as a tribute to our office manager who's headed back stateside. Then he backed down to "a nice suit and a hawaiian shirt". In the end, it was a little half-hearted... )
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In the past 24 hours I have had no less than three DC power supplies die on me. One killed off my 5-CD changer, which hasn't been used much since I ripped everything to MP3 a few years ago, so that's no great loss. The other two were the original PSU for the only decent non-laptop screen in the house - a 15" LCD, uncased -which died at some point since I last fired up said screen (or perhaps as I fired up said screen) and the other I had cannibalised from a 3com hub, but it couldn't handle the load and melted something vital internally after about an hour. So now I've solved the problem by resorting to my Finn-like heap of as-yet undiscarded junk, and rigging up the following gem:
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A Softer World makes me laugh again. You really should be reading this. Also, you gotta love their ad banners.
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(Leinster House, that is)
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(double FAIL if you count the misplaced apostrophe, but they've been doing that for months)
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I am, like, a published photographer. Well, web-published. Well, hyperlinked and credited. You get the idea.
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Jingle Bells 5k 2 Dec 07
Originally uploaded by lindie_naughton.
Of course, you're not guaranteed to be in focus.
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Originally uploaded by donoreharriers.
Note to self: wearing a Santa hat is probably a good way of getting into someone's photos.
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I thought it would be best for the Macbook to take a photo of itself. I haven't yet named it, but I'm leaning towards "Twong". Those of you who dealt in CB radio in the UK and Ireland in the 80's may recognise this name.
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- laptop decided it didn't like the local power source (or something) and refused to either power up on mains or recharge itself. It's fine now, although I suspect the battery may be roached.
- phone and digicam ran out of power, the latter at an inopportune moment leaving me to take a bunch of photos on the former. The former only ran out of power when one of my travelling companions borrowed my "Irish plug to freakish foreign power socket" adapter overnight on the one night when I actually needed a recharge; fortunately, the phone spent an hour and a half beeping plaintively in lieu of actually shutting down and ran out of power right as I was boarding the flight home.
- Vodafone's picture album service appears to be broken again, meaning my cheapskate Flickr gateway isn't working right now.
- the phone's email client choked on one particular message, by which I mean the entire phone OS appeared to reboot. This was repeatable, too. I can't see anything wrong with the message now that I can look at it in a real client, so I can only assume shoddy coding in the client itself.
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This morning (yes, I am blurry and yellowish in the morning):

This evening:

I took a few more photos, but had various arguments with flash, camera steadiness, appearance of subject, etc.
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Poster featured all over Ireland (noted furry haven, I'm sure) this Christmas.
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I tried that "which celebrity do you look like" website that's doing the rounds.

7 of the 10 matches it came up with were female.


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