Nov. 7th, 2008

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Had a day off work today, mainly as I need to somehow chew up a bunch of vacation time before the end of the year so that I don't wind up losing days (our carryover limit is 5 days); given the time off I figured a haircut was needed. My secret superpower was in full effect - a rare event in Dublin, as it mainly seems to work on vacation: I got a free hot chocolate in my regular coffee shop, where I was discussing with the staff the new chocolate powder they'd gotten, and they wanted my verdict on whether the addition of a shot of vanilla did anything for it; in the hairdresser's, waiting for colour to do whatever colour does (set? bleach? mutate the very DNA of my hair?), the colourist stopped by to give me a bar of chocolate. Go me, etc.
Result of haircut )
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Back to the gym tonight; in passing, I discovered I must've left my favourite running shorts there on Monday, which is a bit annoying but I guess I needed a new pair anyway. Stuck with the reduced weights for now, plus I'm still not doing the entire floor workout - there's a point at which you ask your stomach muscles to contract, and nothing happens, and that's the point at which you may as well skip to the next exercise...


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