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Richard suggested that people turn up wearing tuxes and hawaiian shirts, as a tribute to our office manager who's headed back stateside. Then he backed down to "a nice suit and a hawaiian shirt". In the end, it was a little half-hearted... )
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Back from Seattle, so I've unlocked all the posts made while I was there (no sense advertising to all that I'm not at home, you know?) and I may have a few more comments to add later.

Oh, and apologies to those I didn't manage to meet up with. Every time I had a spare moment, someone dragged me off to a bar, which played hell with my planning skills. In fact, even the people I did meet up with I met in a bar.
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I'm in Seattle - in the WAC, to be precise - and will be here for the next two weeks. I'm also currently expecting my luggage to arrive at some point. I am now regretting my quip to the check-in desk as I heaved my bag onto the conveyer: "Do you want it checked through to Seattle?", he asked, and I replied, "Sure. I don't want to see it again <wry chuckle>".

random notes )
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incoming waider alert: August 31st - September 13th. YHBW.
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You may be drinking with some techie people if you say,
I still don't know what "persistent rebalance" means!
and everyone laughs.
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Problem of the day: speed of light insufficiently fast.
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I met a guy today who I used work with back in 1998. And the first thing that came to mind when he came over to (re)introduce himself was that I'd loaned him a book, and never got it back from him.

Snow Crash, in case you're wondering.
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dave: so the Blood Donations guys got in touch to say my details were on that laptop that got stolen.[1]
waider: someone's cloning you right now
dave: and we're hiring!

[1] The Irish blood donations people lost a laptop in New York recently with the details of 150,000 blood donors on board.
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I was shooting the breeze somewhat with one of our security folks today, and I jokingly said something like, "yes, but I'm crazy", to which he replied (approximately), "sure you're crazy, but you do things the right way".
Which was nice.
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Loosely paraphrased from a conference call today:
engineer 1: It's not like this was handed down from the mountaintop by Moses.
engineer 2: Right. Besides, I looked him up in the company phonebook, and there's no listing.
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I got promotionated. I am, like, totally senior to my last-year self.
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waider@amazon.com: > uptime
09:01:30 up 1 year
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"can you update that file for me again?"
"I've given you sudo access. work away... hey! where's my server gone?"

He claims it was tcpdump that did it.
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Two things that amused me while interviewing today:
  • This part of <Considerably Popular Open Source Project> works because I fixed it, and
  • I didn't know this when I was interviewed, either
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> telnet server 21
200 server FTP server ready

followed by
421 server unavailable

and then briefly (unhappily)
Connection refused by host

and finally
200 server FTP server ready

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By curious coincidence, the first and last photos I took both feature the Space Needle. Nothing uploaded yet as I'm still sorting out the pics.
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just back from Seattle. I have funny things to write. At least, I think they're funny. Of course, I also think it's 4:45 am and the presence of strong sunshine is confounding me.
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I arrived in Seattle on Thursday evening, and promptly wound up in a pub. Since arriving:
  • Telemarketing call. Telesurvey, actually, but no difference. To my corporate apartment, as I walked in the door. FUCKING LEECHES.
  • Sung to by random guy on street. Well, random guy wanted to sing a song from me to Broenwynn. The fact that I joined in may have invalidated the deal. Broenwynn was amused. Random guy got five bucks and an invite to Broenwynn's coffee shop to sing to her patrons.
  • Other random guy: You're a celebrity, aren't you? Who are you? Me: No, I'm just a tourist. ORG: You've gotta be a celebrity, you're grinning when you say "no"
  • ORG also tried to BUY a cigarette off Broen.
  • Scott #1: You guys have been sitting out here all night. What's with the accents? (Broen's accent is predominantly Australian)
  • Scott #2 was the guitarist in the pub band, so for a few minutes I was wearing a guitar at least part of which was about as old as me. Alas, the band had stopped playing so I didn't get to jam. Maybe that was a good thing, though.
  • Rude coffee, complete with plastic lid flipped unenthusiastically onto the counter.
  • Carded. Offered my passport as ID. "This isn't you.". Jeez.
  • Met up with [livejournal.com profile] anavolena and her SO.
  • Watched some bad TV - both quality of programming and quality of reception. When Aboda say their apartments are like home away from home, I didn't think they'd actually include the dubious and limited cable reception in the offer.
Today I am going to swan around as a tourist for a bit, before catching up with Broen for more beers. [livejournal.com profile] rimrunner, I've not forgotten about calling, I'm just Insufficiently Organized :)
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I'll be arriving in Seattle at 7pmish on Thursday, and in town until the morning of the 22nd. I'll be staying in an apartment on 1st Ave. (map), and while I won't have a car I've been offered ferrying to and fro by a friend if required, plus the Elder Waide is in town 14th-19th to keep me drunk company. Let me know if you're in the area and up for a few drinks or whatever.


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