Apr. 22nd, 2008

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"Bank of Ireland apologises to customers and is committed to moving as quickly as possible to allay the concerns of affected customers," the company said in a statement last night. (link)
Indeed. Moving as quickly as possible by not saying anything for months (the laptops were stolen over a period between June and October last year).

The opposition parties are, as expected, getting their mouths in on the act: Labour deputy leader Joan Burton said "I am calling on the Financial Regulator and on the Information Commissioner to make a clear statement on the implications of these security breaches,", because, no doubt, a clear statement is more important than, say, some action. Somewhat more usefully, Fine Gael’s communications spokesman Simon Coveney called for "...the mandatory encryption of all sensitive personal data carried portably; and for the strengthening of the Data Commissioner’s powers to investigate and enforce regulations, even where a complaint has not been made." - both measures I agree with, although I suspect the latter can only practically be accomplished by random checks since we don't yet have the ability to confer psychic powers on the Commissioner; the former is loosely specified in the existing legislation under the requirement to "adequately secure" data on a sliding scale based on its importance, impact of its disclosure, etc.
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Problem of the day: speed of light insufficiently fast.


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