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Feb 25 22:55:20 <waider> not thinking gets me in trouble
Feb 25 22:55:28 <waider> thinking gets me in different trouble
Going over old chat logs is actually kinda fun, although I'm sure I could be doing something better with the time, like, say, SLEEPING.

(I should stress, this isn't related to any current or recent events, it's just one of those "hey, I said something funny" moments that tend to feed the quotes file.)
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Oh look! A print of my all-time favourite A Softer World strip. Isn't that neat? (They also have pretty keen t-shirts, too.)

I swear I'm gonna have to try that "kiss" line on someone, if only to see what the reaction is. The only problem I forsee (aside from, possibly, it being the last conversation I have with that person) is that they discover I'm not being wittily original - for extra points, via this exact livejournal entry. Ah well, as [livejournal.com profile] jwz once said, "The universe tends towards maximum irony. Don't push it.". A very sound piece of advice which I have no intention of paying attention to.
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In the past 24 hours I have had no less than three DC power supplies die on me. One killed off my 5-CD changer, which hasn't been used much since I ripped everything to MP3 a few years ago, so that's no great loss. The other two were the original PSU for the only decent non-laptop screen in the house - a 15" LCD, uncased -which died at some point since I last fired up said screen (or perhaps as I fired up said screen) and the other I had cannibalised from a 3com hub, but it couldn't handle the load and melted something vital internally after about an hour. So now I've solved the problem by resorting to my Finn-like heap of as-yet undiscarded junk, and rigging up the following gem:
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"Better still, Postbank offers you the security of a banking service backed by An Post and Fortis, one of Europe's largest banking institutions."

Mhmm. Yes. Security.

The governments of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg have intervened with a €1.2bn bailout of one of Europe's biggest banking and insurance companies Fortis. (link)
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I got an IM this morning from someone I've not talked to in a long time. It was a url for what appears to be a photo-sharing site. I say "appears to be" as the first thing it wanted me to do was give it my MSN username and password to log in, and it's not a Microsoft site, so I declined and opted to read their T's & C's instead.

Which explains why I got the IM in the first place:
We may temporarily access your MSN account to do a combination of the following:
1. Send Instant Messages to your friends promoting this site.
2. Introduce new entertaining sites to your friends via Instant Messages.
I am very much NOT going to link to the site, I will just point out that it's "myfriendz.info" and leave you explore if you see fit. Don't log in, though.
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[livejournal.com profile] waider: it's nasty and cold out there
lou: --> looks out the window at the sun
[livejournal.com profile] waider: yeah, that sun is lying.
And indeed it was. Some hours after the above chat, I was snowed on.
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Apparently there's been a bunch of suicides in Bridgend, Wales. It's hard to tell if it's abnormal without studying statistics on the subject, but the current google results tell me 17 suicides "since the start of last year" (let's pick an arbitrary starting point to compress our data, right?) There seems to be some debate over whether the 17 suicides are actually linked, or whether it's just the media playing join-the-dots on a scatter plot, but tonight's Faux News (actually Sky, but not materially different in attitude or typical content) seemed to be running a loop about how The Intarwebs are to blame, specifically that there are sites telling people how to commit suicide.

Because let's face it, today's youth are so feckless that if you don't tell them how to off themselves, they'll just get distracted and go play football instead.

Now, if these are copycat suicides (as is being suggested by some), how is it that nobody's talking about the blanket TV coverage? While I was doing my 25 minutes on the stairmaster tonight, FauxSky News ran a video clip of a guy showing you how to make a noose at least 4 times, all the while (as best I could tell with no sound) running various voiceovers from "concerned people" about the effect such videos would have on "the youth".

This is the sort of thing that reminds me, in case I've forgotten, why it is I don't watch Sky News any more.
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From 4od Help:
Will I be able to access 4oD on my Mac?

Unfortunately not at the launch of 4oD.

This is an industry-wide issue caused because the accepted Digital Rights Management (DRM) system used to protect online video content, which is required by our content owners, is not compatible with Apple Mac hardware and software. The closed DRM system used by Apple is not currently available for licence by third parties and there is no other Mac-compatible DRM solution which meets the protection requirements of content owners. Unfortunately, we are therefore unable to offer 4oD content to Mac users at this stage.
To which I can only say, "bollox". In so many ways. Aside from the fact that there are indeed many ways to use non-Apple-approved DRM on Macs, there is no "accepted Digital Rights Management" system. There are a wide variety of ineffective customer-abusive systems, none of which actually prevent illegal distribution of content and all of which make it less likely that the average Joe will be able to avail of said content without having to resort to "illegal" downloads or a cheap knock-off from Camden Market/O'Connell Bridge. Please get with the programme, because your viewing audience already has, and are downloading non-DRM versions of these shows as I type this.
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So while the court was busy shredding mail, it transpires that not one but three private-sector businesses had customer data leaks: Allied Irish Bank, Quinn Direct, and can-we-please-play-even-if-it's-not-an-actual-leak Bank of Ireland. Well done, guys, we can declare some sort of parity with the UK once more...
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My DSL has been down since about 8am this morning. I just found a possible explanation. Service with a "Screw You, Hippie!" strikes again.
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I spent waaaay too long searching for this post just so I could say, "c'mon! not again!"
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I can't really feel annoyed by the whole Google API flap. It's like, "oh jeez. they're not giving us our free milk and cookies any more. THEY'RE EVIL!" I mean, seriously. "But not nearly as evil as providing a powerful development tool to people who are loyal to Google and then discontinuing it without any warning or regard to their users (evilapi.com)" Loyal to Google? How about using Google soley because they've got the best damn search engine on the block, and if someone else came up with a better one people would drop Google in a heartbeat?

Hello, hands up who remembers Altavista?

(updated to add: I'm reminded by this of the Bill of No Rights.)
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I have just over three hours from landing in Gatwick to departing from Heathrow. Or, I did have, before the flight to Gatwick was delayed by two hours. Now it looks like I'll be fishing for a standby from Heathrow as I watch my flight depart. Note to self: stop taking flights that require connections when there's a direct alternative available.

update: curiously, I can't find a direct KEF/DUB flight, despite the fact that I definitely saw Reykjavik on the departure boards in Dublin on my way out.
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I have a MySpace account. In my defence, I was trying to help someone troubleshoot their own account. And before you ask, someone else got the obvious account choice.

fall guy

Apr. 11th, 2006 09:53 pm
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Obviously in light of the previous comment, my work laptop has decided to take the hit for me. To quote my long-ago coworker Louise: "waider: the man that kills laptops"
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Irish Times Headlines:
World Day Of Peace Celebrated Across The Globe
Six People Wounded In Stabbing Incidents
Sligo Shooting Victim Dies In Hospital

...and so on.
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...unless Petrobras and Chevron have a bust-up or something. I think I'll drive a few laps of the island to celebrate.


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