Mar. 22nd, 2008

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I just found Google's music search. On poking further, I find it's existed in some form since December 2005. But it's really neat (when it works): try, for example, a search for that Tom Waits album I couldn't find for years. Now click into the results - you get track listings, track details, and even links to lyric sites. Very nice.

Now I just need a "BUY NOW" link and I'm set...
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I haven't done this in a while, but: I caught a snippet of a song on something on TV, probably an episode of Scrubs, and rather liking the music I hit up Google and iTunes to see if I could find it. Behold, Dashboard Confessional's Stolen from the Dusk and Summer album. A quick check on RIAA Radar revealed them to be non-RIAA, so I picked up the album on Amazon - unknowningly picking up the extended version which includes a song from the Spider-Man 3 soundtrack titled Vindicated. Which is what's stuck in my head, mainly for the way the verse gives way to the chorus.

Lyrics reproduced without permission )

Oh yeah. Stolen is pretty good, too, but not sticking in my head quite so much.
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[ profile] waider: it's nasty and cold out there
lou: --> looks out the window at the sun
[ profile] waider: yeah, that sun is lying.
And indeed it was. Some hours after the above chat, I was snowed on.
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There was something-or-other - more than one something-or-other, if I recall correctly - floating around in the last few months about how all the "exercise to lose weight" advisories were based on some utterly flawed research in the first half of the 20th century. To be honest, I forget the specifics, but the key argument was that if you go and do some exercise, you burn energy, and your body raises the HUNGRY flag in order to get some fuel to replace that energy. And once you start eating, you'll probably overdo it, and thus Exercise Makes You Fat (or so went the something-or-other, at least).

Which fails to account for the fact that on gym nights I often find myself with no real appetite for any food, much less more food than usual.

Mind you, anyone who watches the dial on the treadmill will be aware that your non-professional exercise isn't particularly great at burning off calories anyway. I'll typically burn 300 in 25 minutes of cardio, which is replaced by a pint and a half of guinness...


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