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Buzzing around in my head this morning: Aztec Camera's Somewhere In My Heart. Normally there's a reason for a particular song being in my head, usually that I'd just stumbled across it on Youtube, or [livejournal.com profile] jwz's mixtapes, or just random iTunes shuffling, but every so often I wind up with an earworm for no reason I can determine. Oh well.
...a vision of love wearing boxin' gloves and singin' hearts and flowers...
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while true;
do mpg123 absurd.mp3;

Yes, that's the Fluke track I mentioned earlier this week. Listened to it for about an hour straight in the office today. And it's STILL going around in my head.
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Fluke's Absurd was on [livejournal.com profile] jwz's latest mixtape. It's an excellent track which I'm pretty sure I must've had a copy of at some point but alas do not have any more. Hurrah for YouTube!
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One of the vocalists in Gomez has a lovely, filthy blues voice, and he's generally doing sort of free-form backing/harmonic stuff that I really like. That aside, I really like their video for Whippin' Piccadilly; I seem to recall it was the first thing of theirs I encountered, and I bought the wrong album trying to find this track because I couldn't remember the title. Still, even buying the wrong album turned out to be a good purchase. And I did eventually get the right one.

updated to note: somehow I'd completely failed to notice the most excellent slide guitar in the third verse up until now. And going by the video, it's done by the same guy who has that fantastic voice. Dammit, share some of that talent around!
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I don't think I know of a cheery Snow Patrol song, but then, I haven't had much exposure to their work. Run showed up on a compilation I picked up a while back, though, and I'm repeatedly amazed at the emotional power of the song - the lyrics, the music, the way the whole thing is delivered. There's a snippet of it at the music list on the Snow Patrol site and apparently the full version is available for download in exchange for signing up to said site. Lyrics reproduced here without permission, but you really have to hear the song to get the full impact.

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Some songs from my head:

My Chemical Romance, Mama (from The Black Parade). MCR's Black Parade album is an odd leap when compared to their previous work; they're still singing about the dead grandma - eloquently, I might add, but the topic's getting stale - and there's that single Teenagers which sounds like a generic hair band and definitely not a bunch of angsty guys from NJ with a fixation on the supernatural. But anyway. Mama is an anti-war song, of the "look what the war did to me" sort, and ironically it's set to a marching beat. What I really like about this is the way that, for the third verse, the music goes a bit off the rails, and it always makes me think of that scene in From Dusk Til Dawn where the band are suddenly playing instruments made from body parts. There's just a sort of demented air to it.

Dashboard Confessional, Vindicated (from Dusk and Summer). I love this entire album. Bought it for one song (Stolen), wound up hooked on the whole thing, but what I love about Vindicated is the way the vocalist seems to throw himself into the chorus. There's really no other way to describe it. I can almost picture him taking a running jump at the microphone.
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One of the tracks on heavy rotation down at the gym is "Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy". There's a bunch of clips of this on Youtube, so you can go dig it out yourself if you don't know it, but damn it there's a catchy banjo line in it. Evidently I have some sort of Country Music hook in my head that I wasn't previously aware of. Listening to the track right now, it sounds pretty much like Country Rock, but I've a vague notion that the version at the gym has a more dance-music feel to it (probably just amped-up bass). Certainly makes me wonder what a Country/Techno crossover would sound like...
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Betty Boo, "Doin' The Do". The music on this track is just so... PEPPY.
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Not only was I rickrolled in my dream - which was vivid, at least partially lucid, and is now completely forgotten - but when I woke up the damned song was still in my head.

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I haven't done this in a while, but: I caught a snippet of a song on something on TV, probably an episode of Scrubs, and rather liking the music I hit up Google and iTunes to see if I could find it. Behold, Dashboard Confessional's Stolen from the Dusk and Summer album. A quick check on RIAA Radar revealed them to be non-RIAA, so I picked up the album on Amazon - unknowningly picking up the extended version which includes a song from the Spider-Man 3 soundtrack titled Vindicated. Which is what's stuck in my head, mainly for the way the verse gives way to the chorus.

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Oh yeah. Stolen is pretty good, too, but not sticking in my head quite so much.
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Frankly, the drumming is awesome, particularly whatever's going on with the hi-hats. For example just at about 1:48 where the music pretty much drops out to let the lyrics carry, the hats don't stop, they sort of falter to a halt, but rhythmically. How cool is that?

Oh yeah. And I can't make out how you'd do the build at 03:05+ without at least an extra pair of arms playing the hats (or an overdub, obviously). Guess I'll have to watch out for this when I see them live at the end of the month.
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How can I still be hooked on Mr. Brightside? What is it about this damned song that won't let go of me? Seriously now. This is almost embarrassing.
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I can be an awful pain in the arse about music: I'll be listening to a song and trying to point out what I think is an amazing drumming pattern or a bassline or worse, a one-off like a bass chord (think U2's "Save the Yuppies" performance of All Along The Watchtower) or a particular piece of a drum break (the "Larry Mullen" moments in The Cure's Never Enough (Big Mix), even if they are done with a drum machine) but this is how I get hooked on a particular song. It's rarely about the lyrics, which frequently when written down either make no sense or are positively childish or something. Back in the '80s I got hooked on The Pet Shop Boys' Heart, and wound up with a one-hour cassette featuring only that song taped from various radio performances. There are few enough songs that have had quite that strong an effect on me, and I'm never sure why, but generally speaking anything that pops up here under the subject of "song in my head" is somewhere in that sort of ballpark. I guess since I usually find myself hooked on chords and breaks and what not it's hardly surprising that when I find a whole song that drags me in, I'll spend ages listening to it.

Right now, I'm back to Mr. Brightside again. Damn those Killers and their catchy riff.
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...and dammit if it isn't The Killers again. Obviously they've got the business of writing musical hooks down to a fine art.
For Reasons Unknown (from the album Sam's Town)

I pack my case. I check my face. I look a little bit older. I look a little bit colder. With one deep breath, and one big step, I move a little bit closer. I move a little bit closer. For reasons unknown.

I caught my stride. I flew and flied. I know if destiny’s kind, I’ve got the rest on my mind. But my heart, it don’t beat, it don’t beat the way it used to. And my eyes, they don’t see you no more. And my lips, they don’t kiss, they don’t kiss the way they used to, and my eyes don’t recognize you no more.

For reasons unknown; for reasons unknown.

There was an open chair. We sat down in the open chair. I said if destiny’s kind, I’ve got the rest on my mind. But my heart, it don’t beat, it don’t beat the way it used to. And my eyes, they don’t see you no more. And my lips, they don’t kiss, they don’t kiss the way they used to, and my eyes don’t recognize you at all.

For reasons unknown; for reasons unknown.

I said my heart, it don’t beat, it don’t beat the way it used to and my eyes don’t recognize you no more. And my lips, they don’t kiss, they don’t kiss the way they used to, and my eyes don’t recognize you no more.

For reasons unknown; for reasons unknown; for reasons unknown; for reasons unknown.
When it hits the refrain ("for reasons unknown") it sounds a lot like something off the first album, but I've yet to figure out what it is - possibly "All These Things I've Done" (aka "the back burner song").
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This one's from the Kaiser Chiefs; some of the music sounds like it belongs on one of those retro 8-bit music websites, but this line made me giggle:
Ppp-pneumothorax is a word that is long. They're just trying to put the punk back into punctured lung.
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This one was a little tricky as I don't think the lyrics are published anywhere, and they're not wholly easy to pull off the track, but I think I've got 'em right. This is from an Icelandic band whose lead singer I met in Reykjavik last month. It's been stuck in my head on and off since then but I've been too slack to transcribe it thus far.
Rest Of Us
(Lights On The Highway, from the album of the same name)

You, you know time will fix the wounds you have
But there's the thing that you've got to let me know
If I take it all away, would you ask for more?
Find out it's not tomorrow

And you find, you find it all to rest upon you
And you find, you find it all to get it off your back

If you can see the shore and visualize (you're home now)
It's easy to forget the bitter times
When you take it all away and you ask for more
Pushin' it, don't you follow me?

(Bridge, lots of "aah" and "ooh" and what not)

But you take it all away and you ask for more
Find out it's not tomorrow

Mostly it's the chorus that's stuck in my head, because it's the sort of harmony-and-guitar piece I particularly love.
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This one's just a snippet, rather than an entire song: it's from one of the sort of breakdown sections in a My Chemical Romance song (It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's A Deathwish - even the song titles make me smile):
This hole you put me in / wasn't deep enough / and I'm coming out right now / you're running out of places / to hide from me
I'm not sure what this is doing stuck in my head, but it's been on a loop since about 11am this morning.
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Since I did this with the last stuck-in-my-head song:

Comin' out of my cage
And I been doin' just fine
Gotta gotta be down
Because I want it all
It started out with a kiss
How did it end up like this?
It was only a kiss
It was only a kiss
Now I'm falling asleep
And she's calling a cab
While he's havin' a smoke
And she's takin' a drag
Now they're going to bed
And my stomach is sick
And it's all in my head
But she's touching his chest now
He takes off her dress now
Letting me go
Cos I just can't look
It's killing me
And taking control

Turning saints into the sea
Swimming through sick lullabies
Choking on your alibis
But it's just the price I pay
Destiny is calling me
Open up my eager eyes
Cos I'm Mister Brightside

[repeat all of above, because it's not about the lyrics, it's about the music]

I never
I never
I never
I never
Like I said, throwaway lyrics. I'm not even sure what the chorus is doing. But damn it's a killer (hah!) pop song.

o/`...how did it end up like this? It was only a kiss...o/`
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Fell in love with a girl
fell in love once and almost completely
she's in love with the world
but sometimes these feelings can be so misleading
she turns and says "are you alright?"
I said "I must be fine cause my heart's still beating"
She says "come and kiss me by the riverside,
Bobby says it's fine he don't consider it cheating"

Red hair with a curl
mellow roll for the flavor and the eyes for peeping
can't keep away from the girl
these two sides of my brain need to have a meeting
can't think of anything to do
my left brain knows that all love is fleeting
she's just looking for something new
and I said it once before but it bears repeating

copyright abuse, etc. I sort of managed to get rid of it by listening to Roesy's cover of Breathe, but mainly this is STILL STUCK IN MY HEAD and now you can have it too.
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The theme music from "Dallas" less the brass section is pretty much generic wacka wacka pr0n music.


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