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We won. Woo. What a terrible game; even the refereeing was rubbish.
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There's some irony (or perhaps no irony whatsoever, I'm not sure) in the fact that Ireland's best showing in the Olympics so far has been in "fisticuffs with rules".
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HELL Yeah. Who cares if we're going up against the pretty much unbeatable Kilkenny in the final? We weren't supposed to beat Tipp in the semi, and look what happened. Go on the Deise!
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Seen on Ireland.com this morning: "Irish boxers off to Olympics". I guess we're mooning in protest or something.
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...but I'm disappointed all the same. Eddie O'Sullivan quits. Or maybe was given the option to do so rather than be shoved.
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I've set up a twitter feed called waider6nations in which I will be attempting to type live commentary of six nations games. Unaffilliated with anything, etc.
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To be fair, I only caught the first 20 minutes of tonight's Ireland vs. Brazil "glamour friendly", and the Brazillian goal didn't happen until the 65th minute, but all I saw of Ireland in those 20 minutes was the same old show: everyone passes the ball up the right wing to Duff, who gets cornered by minimum two defenders, and punts a wild shot across the goalmouth; alternatively, everyone plays backwards down the right wing, across the goalmouth, and then back up to Duff again; for variation, the ball is sent to Robbie Keane, after which it's anyone's guess - including Robbie's - where it will end up as he flays at it wildly; and Shay Given continues to be the saviour of the team for as long as he can.

The only thing that did surprise me was that some of the visitors fell over easier than Duff usually does.
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We're currently being stomped on by Argentina. It's been frustrating to watch our performance in the World Cup games; it's like we pick out an area where the opposition can beat us, then we keep going back to it. For Argentina, it's turn-overs: given the option of kicking the ball clear, passing it, or going to ground and attempting to hang onto the ball, we're choosing the last, and losing the ball almost every time. The fact that we've scored two world-class tries is poor compensation.

updated to add: we lost; no surprises there. The TV commentator gets a cookie for leading out to commercials with "after the break, the wake".


Sep. 15th, 2007 01:47 am
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Current view on my RSS reader:
14/09 14:44:27 BBC News | World | UK Edition / Cricket: Australia beat England
14/09 20:47:00 BBC News | World | UK Edition / Rugby: S Africa thrash England
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From Ireland.com: "Langer refuses to lie down". I presume it's about golf as opposed to an overdose of sildenafil.
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Not only did we beat Slovakia 1-0, but we actually looked like a professional team for most of the game. Some excellent play from players that I've not heard of because the team's been so crap I gave up watching them. Turns out one of the stars is from my home county...
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Well, we beat Italy. Boy howdy did we beat them. Then France did to us in the championship what they did to us at Croke Park: snatched the win from us right at the last second. Bah.
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Well, that was somewhat unexpected: England 26, France 18. This means we're in with a chance of winning the championship: we have to beat Italy by more than 4 points than France beat Scotland. Of course, if Scotland beat France, better still.
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Well, that was controversial: Italy's winning try was scored by a player who should arguably have been sent off for deliberately punching an opponent in the face while tackling him, and then Wales were denied their final move of the game through a disagreement on the amount of time left between the television official and the referee. Still, Italy deserved the win.
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Well, we won, but just barely. Ireland's 9th triple crown is, as they say, in the bag, but by a single point. On to Italy next week to see how close we can get to the championship.
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Bloody hell. George Hook is still going on about how the Triple Crown isn't the same now that there's an actual trophy for it.


Feb. 11th, 2007 04:51 pm
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Well, we looked good to win for all of, oh, 30 seconds. Ireland 17, France 20.
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From the GAA Official Guide:
42 Non Affiliated Bodies
(b) A Club or other unit shall only participate, as such, in games controlled by the Association and against a Club or other unit of the Association, unless the prior sanction of Central Council has been given.

Today, Ireland plays rugby against France at Croke Park. Much is being made of the first instance of an "English" game in the GAA's flagship sportsground, but the bigger deal will be on Saturday 24th, when England play Ireland at the same location, with the accompanying obligatory performance of "God Save The Queen" (and no, not the Sex Pistols' version).

RTÉ is covering both the historic background (including the Bloody Sunday incident in 1920) and the Vox Pop reaction. Frankly, the only negative voices have been from the entrenched GAA members, 25% of whom voted against allowing the Irish rugby and soccer teams to use Croke Park while the regular home ground (Lansdowne Road) is being renovated.

(aside: They're showing prematch coverage right now, and Oasis' Wonderwall is blaring over the PA - second-generation Irish Boys who Made Good in the UK. I wonder if that's someone poking a bit of fun...)

I'm looking forward to the match. Let's hope we win!
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We are totally kicking Australia's ass right now. Not just in scoreline, but in actual play. Woohoo!

update: final score: 21-6. We rock!

I thought the fact that several players got standing ovations as they were substituted was pretty neat, too.


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