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Remember all those fearmongering liberals running around saying that so-called terror laws would be used outside their intended purpose? How wrong they were, eh?
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White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said the bombing did not appear to be an act of terrorism but the investigation was in its early stages. (link)
The bombing. Is not terrorism. Er. How would it have not qualified? Was it too small? Was the target insufficiently worthy? Seems to me that if I'd been in the vicinity I'd be pretty frickin' terrified, and I'd certainly think twice about hanging out next to recruiting centres in the small hours for a few days at least.
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Because only terrorists drug-dealers would use pre-paid mobile phones.

In other scaremongering news, I heard a lawyer for one or more fashion labels this morning saying that the money payed for knock-off watches, clothes, suitcases, etc. "could end up, I'm afraid to say, being used to fund terrorism". Gah. When I am king, that word and all its variants will be banned from use in news stories, press conferences, and anything even remotely related to public discourse until such time as I see fit. Besides, it's a bad movie.


Oct. 10th, 2006 11:56 pm
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From the aerlingus.com website right now:
One-way fares excl. taxes & fees of up to $45 eastbound and $80 westbound and $2.50 September 11th Security Fee for each enplanement at a U.S. airport. Fares not available on every flight.

(my emphasis)
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Without references, because I know I read both of these on multiple reputable sources, and you can go look them up yourself if you're that way inclined: When pressed on the issue, El Shrubya said that he, too, wanted to shut down Guantanamo, but was somehow stuck waiting for the Supreme Court; however, when the Supreme Court made their decision, he said he didn't like it and was going to continue on the original track anyway.

That about right?
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From the Irish Times breaking news RSS feed:
The United States said last night it had flown five Chinese Muslim men who had been held at the Guantanamo Bay prison to resettle in Albania, declining to send them back to China because they might face persecution.
I really can't come up with a comment that does this story justice. I'll just sit here doing the stunned monkey routine.
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So while various Administration talking heads are assuring everyone that Sy Hersh's article about using the nuclear option in Iran is bunk, King George just says right out that it's still a valid option. I bet at least some part of the foreign affairs office did a collective facepalm over that.

I mean, let's be honest. It's the whole Iraq buildup all over again; I'm sure if I dug out a timeline from that I could predict with some accuracy when the airstrikes are supposed to start (barring, one hopes, a sudden airdrop of tact, reason and sanity on 1600 Penn. Ave.)
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I scoffed at reports of various incidents which hastily insisted that "no terrorism was involved", but right now I'm looking at a MSN headline which says, "Bali bombings: terrorists might be involved". Fer cryin' out loud, they've found at least 4 unexploded bombs in addition to which there were 4 near-simultaneous explosions in a variety of locations. What's the "might" about?
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Something of Moore's that I really dislike: building an argument on researchable facts that he explictly hasn't researched. An example from the book Stupid White Men is where he's talking about who invented various methods of killing people; it goes something like "who invented rifle? a white man (name probably given). Who invented the automatic pistol? a white man. Who invented the machine gun? I don't know, but it was probably a white man" Right there, he's lost me. You don't build a logical argument by saying, "I don't know, but probably"; you build it by looking up the fact you don't know, and using the knowledge thus gained, or you don't mention it at all. I was reminded of this during the bit in Farhenheit 9/11 where he's filming outside the Saudi embassy, and he asks the guy with him how much the Saudis have invested in the US. The guy responds, "I heard [some number of billions, or trillions, or whatever]". And on this hearsay Moore builds an anti-Saudi rant (well, more a didactic nag than a rant, but you get the idea). If Moore had even taken the time to coach the guy to not say, "I heard", that whole segment might have carried a bit of weight for me. I'd probably still want to know where the figure came from, but I wouldn't have been sitting there thinking, "you're building this entire argument on what some random guy just said he heard".
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Towards the end of Fahrenheit 9/11 (which I finally got around to watching) there's a clip of Condi saying "there is a connection between Iraq and what happened on September 11th", which is exactly what a lot of people have been saying was never (explicitly) said. Of course, given that this is a Michael Moore production, it's probably an edited clip of Condi saying "we never said that there is a connection..." or some such. Other notes on my impression of the movie will show up in [livejournal.com profile] waider_geeks, as usual.
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It's odd the way phrases get attached to events. The July 7th bombings in London somewhere along the line picked up the phrase "race against time", used in a variety of contexts, some sensationalist and a bit bothersome (the sort of Media Scaring You Into Compliance angle). I've just skimmed through an Observer article on the guy who was shot on the Tube, and the phrase crops up twice.
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...is that they don’t ultimately need an actual enemy. This is a feud between two groups that are ostensibly on the same side, i.e. loyal to the UK (hence Loyalist) and keen to keep things that way. There was a similar feud on the Republican side some years ago, involving the INLA. Or maybe it was entirely within the INLA, I can’t recall. I can’t even keep the acronyms straight in my head any more: IRA, CIRA, PIRA1, RIRA2, INLA, LVF, UVF, UDF, and god knows what else. And to add to that you’ve got the political party acronyms: UUP, DUP, PUP, SDLP. I don’t know if the group with "32 count(y/ies) sovereignty" in their name are a political party or a paramilitary group, either.

1. The Provisional IRA, as distinct from IRA "classic". Generally speaking any reference these days to the IRA without qualifiers refers to the PIRA, or "Provos".
2. This would be funny if these weren’t the guys behind the Omagh bombing. "rí-rá" is a Gaelic word in roughly the same headspace as "craic". Generally found in the phrase "rí-rá agus rúile búile", which means "did anyone get the number of the party that hit me?" or thereabouts. [livejournal.com profile] mopti might correct my spelling and/or translation as required.
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RTÉ closed the main evening news broadcast with a brief montage of images from the last thirty years of "The Troubles", with a voiceover of Seamus Heaney reading one of his pieces on the subject. Both tasteful and poignant, not words I'm accustomed to associating with news programmes.
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Channel 4 (UK television station) has evidently decided that their hook is, "so who won?" Isn't that just special?
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London Bomber visited Pakistan... or did he? This is, I guess, a sort of counterargument to your recent post regarding the taking of pictures at immigration points. Or, I dunno, a bad example, or something.
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If the UK Gov't introduces legislation to criminalise "incitement to terrorism", can Tony Blair be prosecuted under it for the Iraq fiasco?
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46. The beheading and murder of United States Citizens in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and other countries have been videotaped, converted to MPEG and other images for viewing on the public Internet through the use of OSS and Linux software and computer technology developed and purloined by Linux and OSS members and illegally exported from the United States. (link)
Damn those MPEG-exporting, Linux-using OSS thieves and their support for global terrah!


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