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How to flambée a Christmas pudding:
  1. Warm some brandy in the microwave; about an eggcupful for ten or fifteen seconds should be sufficient.
  2. Pour the brandy over the pudding; as it hits the pudding, apply a source of ignition, such as a match.
  3. As the eggcup full of brandy ignites, shake the hand holding it involuntarily.
  4. To add to the spilled and flaming brandy now surrounding the pudding, attempt to extinguish the eggcup by blowing sharply on it. If done correctly, your hand should now be flaming nicely. Don't worry, the alcohol evaporates faster than your skin can burn.
  5. Extinguish the flames on the countertop, your hand, the eggcup, and the floor as you see fit.
No damage done, aside from a little wasted alcohol.
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Q. How can I tell if my potatoes are cooked?
A. Lift a potato from the pot with a fork and make to transfer it to a plate. If the potato slides off, bounces once on the plate, and then falls to the ground and - this is the important bit - splits into several pieces, your potatoes are ready to eat!

(Today was not a good day for me to be in the kitchen)
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A sure-fire way to check if those eggs in the back of the fridge are fresh or not: fumble the entire carton as you're taking it off the shelf, and from the state of the eggs that fall on the floor, the door of the fridge, your shoes, etc. you should be able to make a pretty accurate assessment of the freshness of any surviving eggs!
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TWICE tonight... well, the first one was a misread scrolling ticker on Sky News at the gym, wherein I briefly wondered why they were reporting on Nelson Mandela's GOTH birthday, which of course was in fact a report on his 90TH birthday. But the second, well, that was a typo - the Belfast Telegraph's "most read stories" page suggested that the shooting in Kentucky involved an argument over "googles". Which, if it made it into the RSS feed, possibly explains why it's in the top 10 most-read articles (it turns out that the argument was over goggles.)
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I cut myself today.

While dusting.

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I just found Google's music search. On poking further, I find it's existed in some form since December 2005. But it's really neat (when it works): try, for example, a search for that Tom Waits album I couldn't find for years. Now click into the results - you get track listings, track details, and even links to lyric sites. Very nice.

Now I just need a "BUY NOW" link and I'm set...
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So I was attempting - yet again - to construct a reasonable carbonara, mainly because I had cream in the fridge that needed to be used. And as I stirred it all together in the pot I thought, "this needs some more cheese". So I grabbed the powdered hard cheese I use, and shook it hard, and the top came off. Thankfully it was nearly empty anyway, since there was no hope of me getting rid of the excess cheese. So dinner was more like "tag'n'cheez" than carbonara, but still edible.
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It appears that my Mac can crash my wireless router/gateway. Which is a piece of crap I got from someone for free, but it's still not exactly an ideal situation.
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Expect this to be edited:
The UK Google Finance site, geared to investors in the UK, [8-character non-sequitor "word" (four chars, four digits)]is now live. You can access stock prices, mutual funds, financial news, blogs, and charts, all through our easy-to-use and familiar interface. Here are some highlights:... (link)
(my editing/emphasis, obviously)
update: yep, it was edited.
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What happens if you print your bank details in a national newspaper? Also, I am amused to note that last year's much-publicised loss of UK citizen data happened while said data was en route to The National Audit Office. As [livejournal.com profile] jwz said not too long ago, "The universe tends towards maximum irony. Don't push it."
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So I got my numbers wrong, and [livejournal.com profile] tongodeon helpfully fixed them for me. Now I'm just waiting for MacWorld so I can see what happens to those prices when there's a new Mac on the block.
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Just saw an advert on TV for www.cdwow.ie which mentioned free delivery, so I figured I'd check them out. The site is displaying Perl debug traces (Data::Dumper output) all over the place and no DVD images, prices or other details. That's that advertising budget wasted...
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Been listening to The Killers' Mr. Brightside (an awesome pop track: the lyrics are cheap and cheerful, but the balance of the song is just perfect) on single-track repeat a lot lately, but just now I tried to cue it up a couple of times on Gronk only to (re)discover that [livejournal.com profile] jwz's code doesn't allow you to cue the same track up multiple times in case, you know, you're drunk and mishit the interface or the RIAA are watching you or something.

phone alone

Sep. 6th, 2006 09:51 am
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Well, dammit. I've left my phone at home. Hope you're not trying to get in touch with me, but if you are try email.
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You can, in fact, burn rice in a microwave oven.
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Google Error
Not Found
The requested URL /linux/ was not found on this server.

Guys, it's on the front page of labs.google.com and in the Google blog. Don't forget to actually release it...

update: Installed it. Somewhat miffed that it can't find my default file browser on a stock Gnome installation on a fairly stock Fedora Core build. Also it's probably not the smartest idea to set it loose on an entire Linux disk; certainly I could do with leaving out the entirety of, say, /usr.


Dec. 5th, 2005 10:57 pm
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Why, yes, I did in fact manage to upload a page to my website with one of my passwords in plain view. And, thanks to my site's googlejuice, it's already cached, indexed, etc. Fortunately, it's only in use at one public point and I've already changed that.


Oct. 16th, 2005 03:15 pm
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It appears that while the Sony NW-S23 is "splash-resistant" or thereabouts, it's not exactly impervious to a pint of tea in its general vicinity (this would be last weekend's spillage). I'm sure I got it out of the way in time, but apparently not. I've popped it open but there's no visible damage, and it still works as a USB key, but it ain't playing music and the LCD display is in christmas-tree mode. The worst of it is that this isn't even a year old and it's a present from my eldest brother. [livejournal.com profile] waidesworld, not a word! I'm torn between buying a replacement and using the same cash to buy something better like a Nano or a Muvo or what not.
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hdb: DMA timeout retry
hdb: timeout waiting for DMA
hdb: status timeout: status=0xd0 { Busy }
ide: failed opcode was: unknown
hdb: drive not ready for command
hdb: ATAPI reset complete

And thus, a coaster is born.
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Dammit, I thought I'd set all the clocks that mattered. Unfortunately I forgot to tweak my palmpilot, which is what I use to alert me to the fact that my weekly TV viewing is about to start. GAAAAAH.


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