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Oh look! A print of my all-time favourite A Softer World strip. Isn't that neat? (They also have pretty keen t-shirts, too.)

I swear I'm gonna have to try that "kiss" line on someone, if only to see what the reaction is. The only problem I forsee (aside from, possibly, it being the last conversation I have with that person) is that they discover I'm not being wittily original - for extra points, via this exact livejournal entry. Ah well, as [livejournal.com profile] jwz once said, "The universe tends towards maximum irony. Don't push it.". A very sound piece of advice which I have no intention of paying attention to.


Nov. 4th, 2008 11:38 pm
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There's something weird about the things I remember, and the things that trigger recollections of those things. Case in point: standing in the kitchen with a girlfriend, trying to open a bag of cashew nuts by pulling apart the seam at the top (as indicated, I might note, on the bag itself). Realising that it's one of those all-too-common bags where the alleged perforation/weak point is in fact stronger than the rest of the bag, I mutter, "this is going to end in tears", and she giggles at that. Now I find myself pretty much reliving that moment any time I'm opening any sort of similar bag in the kitchen. Weird thing to remember, and to remember in such detail no less.

(The bag, incidentally, did not give way showering cashews all over the kitchen, and thus there were no tears.)
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I have previously mentioned Jorm's excellent (if flawed) discussion on / guide to social interaction. I was impressed enough with this that I thought I would at least try to bear some of the points in mind when in social situations. Three things I have noticed about this (one of which I'd posted as a comment in [livejournal.com profile] tongodeon's journal some time ago):
  • If you are in a group of people, and noone is playing Centre Of Attention, and everyone is sufficiently unfamiliar with everyone else that there's not much - if any - shared humour available, there's a heck of a lot of tumbleweed in the conversation. I tried kickstarting things a few times when I wound up in such a group, but since I was making an effort not to focus the conversation on myself, and noone else was running with the baton, it was pretty stilted.
  • It's all well and good to tell someone they've upset you or made you angry and not realised it, except... if you're upset for selfish reasons, like that they're not paying you enough attention, and the reasons they're not paying you enough attention are of greater significance (e.g. illness, life troubles, etc.) than your petty ego-stroking requirements, then telling them you're upset may not be the smartest approach. I've chosen to err on the side of caution in these situations. After all, otherwise I'm just trying to be the centre of attention...
  • While terse replies do not, in general, foster communication, sometimes people don't take the hint and will continue to talk anyway. I'm not sure if it'd be politer for me to interrupt and say, "Stop talking. Please." or just continue with the terse replies until the "conversation" stops.
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I'm not linking to the site, but I did like today's dialogue (presented here almost verbatim):
net: is it true that you only hurt the ones you love?
deuce: no it is not.
deuce: but they get extra attention.

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it's a perfect opportunity to wear a shirt from xkcd's store, specifically the one titled "Witty".
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roses are red
violets are blue
screw this for a lark
I'm off to the pub
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Judging by TV adverts at the moment, if you can't get a date for Valentine's, your next option is to overdose on chocolate, and failing that, drink.
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I spent waaaay too long searching for this post just so I could say, "c'mon! not again!"
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You know that bit in High Fidelity where Rob says to Laura, "I'm sorry", and then walks out into the rain as Dylan's Most Of The Time fades in?

That's just perfect, that is.
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"If I'm reading this right, and I'd like to think I am... this is probabIy the best jumper ever designed."

I mean, holy crap. It's got an empirical operating distance of twenty feet even with a priori knowledge.

Bonus points if you get the original reference (which is not in itself original, he hinted). The only people likely to get the clothing reference are (a) unlikely to comment or (b) not readers of this livejournal, respectively.
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...it appears pheromone boy™ hasn't entirely abandoned the premises.
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I finally figured out what "my type" is, and it's "real".


Oct. 8th, 2005 10:10 am
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  1. I live! (in case anyone was wondering)
  2. Dear Brane, enough with the dreams about ex-girlfriends, kthx.
  3. The good part about the giant cup of tea is that it's a giant cup of tea. The bad part about the giant cup of tea is that when you upend it all over the place, it's a GIANT MESS.
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...or Robert Anton Wilson's. I woke up very early this morning having just had a semi-lucid, very lurid dream involving a girl in a FURRY SUIT. It may have been Teddy Snow Crop, hence the potential blame on R.A.W.


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