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I caught a cold-like thing two weeks back, and it kept me off the running and gym in order that I not drown in mucus and/or freeze to death. I've been back at the gym this week, but still on reduced weights; no running as it's FRICKIN' FREEZING outside. By which I mean the temperature is in single digit celsius values; you people who consider this balmy can shut right up already.
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I'm back. Two weeks in Cyprus, where I discovered something called "sunshine". I believe we should see about importing some of it to this damp and miserable island.
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Every so often I'm looking at a weather forecast, and I fully expect to see "WIND: NSFW" somewhere down the listing.
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[livejournal.com profile] waider: it's nasty and cold out there
lou: --> looks out the window at the sun
[livejournal.com profile] waider: yeah, that sun is lying.
And indeed it was. Some hours after the above chat, I was snowed on.
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I wonder who decided that the June Bank Holiday would be a good time to clean the stiletto in the ghetto? And I wonder if this is what's inducing the rain in the area, you know, like how it always seems to rain just after you've washed your car?
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We've had a bit of a cold snap here, meaning the temperature occasionally dips below freezing; combined with the wind chill and the sudden showers of hail. I've decided that discretion is the better part of not freezing to death in pursuit of a sub-23-minute 5k lap.
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Just watching some of the parade coverage on TV; it's 4°C with windchill down to -1, occasional flurries of light snow, and there are a bunch of girls out on O'Connell street in genuine Brazillian samba outfits, i.e. those bits of shiny metal and cloth with the square footage of a postage stamp. They're claiming that all the moving around is keeping them warm, but seriously now.
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BBC is reporting that Nabi killed 9; my post yesterday from Yomimuri may well have been 18 dead or missing as opposed to confirmed dead. The preceeding typhoon, Talim, accounted for 84 dead in China.
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I am quoting this almost in its entirety, since I am not clear on how unique the link is.
the Federal Emergency Management Agency ... ask[s] evacuees to call (800) 621-3362 or browse to www.fema.gov to start the process of filing a claim for disaster assistance...

It turns out, according to the [Red Cross] worker, who like the other aid workers spoke on condition of anonymity, that the call to the FEMA number does not open a claim; it results in a package containing the claim form being mailed to the address of the evacuee.

Since the evacuee is in a shelter, mail service has been suspended in many of the hardest hit areas and some of the homes are likely still under water, it seems clear that those claim forms won't be mailed back any time soon.

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SUPA TAIFUUN NABI has breezed (hah!) across Kyushu as something between a Cat. 1 and Cat. 2 storm, currently blowing at 80 knots and gusting to 100. It's swinging up through the Sea of Japan, looking very much like it will bypass Honshu, and is predicted to be a mere tropical storm by the time it connects with Hokkaido. Yomimuri Online reports 45,000 evacuated, 18 missing although this apparently hasn't made the English version just yet (the english version does lead with the following story:
The [Japanese] Construction and Transport Ministry plans to send a team of ministry officials and experts to hurricane-ravaged New Orleans to conduct on-site research, a move aimed at studying safety measures for low-lying areas in Japan, according to ministry sources. (more)
Seems like they got off pretty lightly, given that Nabi was a Cat. 5 for a bit.
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Lieutenant Governor Mike Landrieu: "We need to stop calling them refugees, they are American citizens. I've made that mistake myself."

Er. They're taking refuge. Is there some stigma attached to the word "refugee" that I'm missing here?
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I guess the ad campaign was already rolling and paid for and what not. It just seems particularly ironic. An ad banner I was just served )
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About that helicopter-shooting incident:
"At the Superdome, we have a report that one shot was fired at a Chinook helicopter," [...]

Laura Brown, a Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman in Washington, said she had no such report. (link)

On the other hand, you have to consider other such official statements as "who could have know the levees would be breached" and the guy who is in theory somewhere in charge allegedly not knowing about the mess in the Convention Centre until at least a day after I'd read about it on the net. As the man says, the truth lies somewhere in between.
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Taiwan is about to be hit by two typhoons, at least one of which is tipped for "Super Typhoon" status. I have no idea what this means, but I do like living in my ""high wind" just means it might be a bit more difficult to walk to the pub" area.
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From BBC coverage:
The majority of the more than 50 deaths reported so far happened here where 30 people were killed in a beachfront apartment complex.
WTF? There's a 175MPH wind coming in with up to 75MPH winds extending 120 miles up and down from the point of impact, and people are camping out in a beachfront apartment complex? I can understand people being caught unawares by floodwater in New Orleans, but I can't figure this one. I guess maybe I just don't understand hurricanes, having not ever had to deal with one.

For the rest of y'all, stay safe. [livejournal.com profile] candice, check in when you can.
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  • as usual, the sore throat/feverishness has more-or-less passed to make way for the GIANT RIVERS OF SNOT. Hurrah for nasal biodefences.
  • I did, in fact, go to the trouble of transferring the phone noise from That Pilot That Noone Has, Because It's Illegal onto my phone. Remains to be seen if I actually keep it there in favour of my "classic 60's ringer noise", known to my phone as "Dring".
  • I still haven't decided if it's gotten suddenly cold, or if it's just my body screwing around due to aforementioned illness. The weatherman says hot and humid weather on the way, though. I can go sauna outside, maybe. Whee!
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I am somewhat sunburnt after spending too long enjoying the Irish Summer (which conveniently fell on a Sunday this year). I am not, however, rolling-around-in-agony sunburnt, so I guess at least I may have learned a little from previous experiences of Yellow Face and how it burns us.


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