Sep. 1st, 2008

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I'm in Seattle - in the WAC, to be precise - and will be here for the next two weeks. I'm also currently expecting my luggage to arrive at some point. I am now regretting my quip to the check-in desk as I heaved my bag onto the conveyer: "Do you want it checked through to Seattle?", he asked, and I replied, "Sure. I don't want to see it again <wry chuckle>".

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The luggage status now appears to be "it will arrive 24 hours after you", which means I have until about 10pm this evening to wear yesterday's clothes. Or I can do a bit of shopping, I guess. What I don't quite understand about this is that my original flight was on with BA, arriving in at about 4pm; I'd have expected them to sling the bags on the same LHR/SEA BA flight today rather than the same flight plus 24 hours as I wound up on, i.e. Northwest Airlines. Still, if the bag gets here, that's cool.
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Customs/TSA/INS: surprisingly pleasant. No beady stares. No grilling. Some actual smiling and humour on both sides of the Atlantic.

On the English end of things: "and who do you work for, sir?" "Amazon" "Amazon, eh? I've given them quite a bit of my money!" *laughs*.

On the American end: "what's your tshirt say?" "I'm not Johnny Ramone" "Who's Johnny Ramone?" *pause* "Uh... a famous American musician. Punk music." "I'll have to ask my son about him, he's into punk" Smiles, chuckles, says "welcome back" and corrects himself to say "enjoy your stay" instead.

I will say that there's something about the way an American says "sir", or perhaps the way it sounds with an American accent that makes it seem more of a challenge than a politeness, however. A caution that this person is not your friend, and therefore you should act accordingly, rather than an air of respect. Maybe that's just me, though.
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In a bar on Saturday night, one of Lou's friends who sort-of knows me is standing next to me at the bar.

"You look familiar, Ronan, but I can't figure out why. What's your second name?"
"Waide. Ronan Waide"
"Waide... are you Waider?"

Much giggling on my part, obviously. He knew me from the Irish Linux Users Group, a gathering of which (funnily enough) was one of the previous places where someone had a "so you're Waider" reaction.


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