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In my continuing existence as a crash-test dummy for customer service, I attempted to make use of my credit card provider's shiny new online activation system. It asks you for the CVV from the back of the card, plus two random letters from your mother's maiden name - or, I presume, some other thing related to your security question. Predictably - for me, anyway - it didn't work the first time I tried it. I tried again just now and it asked for the 12th and 13th letters of said name. The name in question isn't nearly that long. So, I resorted to phoning the callcentre to activate the card, in passing confirming that they do in fact have the correct name on record, and I've just now offered this as a bug through their online contact system. Really, how hard can it be to test something like this before you roll it out?

update: it turns out that they'd somehow entered the name into the system TWICE, and lost a letter along the way. Excellent.
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Included in my latest credit card bill: a flyer for MBNA 3D Secure - "it's like chip and PIN - only for the Internet!"

What, it's a meaningless addition to the verification process, the main aim of which is to make the card operator even less liable for fraud and instead make it the cardholder's fault?
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Since I haven't ranted about it near enough lately:
  • My mobile phone provider has been dealing with a query related to my camera phone since mid-November. By "dealing with" I mean "mostly ignoring". The last proactive comment I got from them was that my query had been passed to technical support. Today they asked me a question which would pretty much prevent this passing off from having happened.
  • My new credit card arrived. After spending ten minutes on hold trying to get someone to activate it, I gave up and tried again today. The guy who handled the call today tried twice to offer me one of the pre-scripted services. When I went to add the card to my online registered cards, the site said they didn't have enough information on me and could I maybe call customer support?
  • I phoned the sorting office for office mail on Friday to find out what they'd done with our two missing issues of Linux Magazine and subsequent resend of same. The guy told me he'd talk to the postman for the area and get back to me before lunch. He called today after lunch to tell me that the postman only recently found out we were in the office ([a] we've been there since the company's inception in 1999, [b] other stuff gets delivered there on a regular basis, [c] the address clearly states "Alphyra House, Heather Road" which uniquely identifies the building, regardless of the fact that our company name does not appear on the outside of the premises), that he had no idea what became of the magazines, and that he couldn't confirm that they were returned to the sender address since he handles so many return-to-sender items on a weekly basis.
I think that should keep my customer service irritation level high for the next month or so.


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