Jun. 30th, 2008

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German ratification of Lisbon treaty also on hold. The UK case was ruled against, leaving the way clear for ratification, and I've still not stumbled across an update on the Czech situation (although I haven't gone looking for it either).
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I've finally given in and run up Firefox on the Mac.


Because I can no longer access either my online banking or my motor tax renewal forms with Safari. Who'd have thought I'd be driven to open-source technology by a bank and local government?
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Generally whenever an online service has popped up offering free registration, I've tried to snag the waider username as quickly as possible. Sort of name-squatting, if you will. This means I've got accounts on so many systems I can't remember them all, and practically speaking all I use is livejournal and my own website (updated: and flickr). So I've decided to clean up the rest. Just an FYI in case you're wondering where my Facebook/Orkut/Myspace/Advogato/etc. accounts have gone.
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Maybe instead of saying "written by Robin Luckey" it should say "loosely edited from a generic template by Robin Luckey:
If you wish to update or correct any of the foregoing information, you may access your account and review, correct and delete your personally identifiable information or you may contact us at: [insert applicable e-mail address]. (link)
(my emphasis)

Interestingly, for something purportedly geek-friendly, this is the first site I've tried to remove my account from that doesn't advertise any sort of account removal link or procedure.


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