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While i'm sure some nerd will point out that it's impossible for mobile phones to literally ring due to the lack of a bell, i would like to assert that my mobile phones have always had a ringing tone.

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Yep. I must. however, confess amusement at the former cow orker (from the Lancaster days), whose phone would shout, "You've got a fookin' message!" in a broad Lancashire accent.
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At some point I thought it'd be neat to record each person in my phonebook saying my name, then attach that to their number as a custom rington - preferably one that could be made get progressively louder. By the time I had a phone capable of such deeds, I realised that it was a really, really bad idea.

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Sir? Should... Should I get off your lawn?

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don't make me shake my fist impotently at you while muttering incoherently!