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While wandering through Temple Bar yesterday: at least 4 dwarves midgets[1] people of diminished stature wearing giant felt leprechaun hats and fake beards, asking some girls if they wanted a photo with them.

[1] I blame "In Bruges" for the strikeouts.
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Saw this on the DART this morning, and I'm fairly certain it wasn't altered (I wasn't close enough to examine it): an advert for The Watercolour Society of Ireland's "153nd Exhibition" (my emphasis).

(in case any of you haven't seen it before, the "should be fired" meme/tag is properly [livejournal.com profile] tongodeon's)
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Seen recently on Patrick's Street in Dublin: a bicycle cop (not motorcycle) weaving through traffic, then running a red light at a pedestrian crossing, pausing to give abuse to a cyclist who had stopped in front of him to obey the red light, before cycling the wrong way up a one-way street.

Leading by example, I guess.
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To the motorcyclist who dramatically swerved around my stationary, signalling-to-change-lane car yesterday before glaring over your shoulder at me: riding a motorbike gives you the ability to weave between lanes of traffic. It doesn't give you the right. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, doing so is illegal.

By the same token, when a sign says "bus lane not in operation", the thus-marked lane is a normal lane, and ducking your taxi into it in an attempt to overtake on the wrong side is once again illegal. Looking unhappy because I didn't stand on my brakes and risk being tail-ended to let you back into the queue of traffic you were trying to jump isn't going to help.

And that was just two of the many fun incidents from yesterday's 10-mile drive. Frankly, if I had to drive this route daily, I'd have exploded from stress long ago.
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Passed by this morning on my way to the office: Philip J. Dix engraving equipment and supplies.
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"is yer man Gadaffi still runnin' the show in Libya?"


Nov. 10th, 2004 04:56 pm
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I was behind a peoplewagon this morning. Lots of stickers advertising the driver's christianity on the rear window - christ the saviour, etc. The vehicle bearing these stickers was a Mitusbishi Chariot.
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Wireless community non-profit broadband available to new tennants in the Bray area. Room with Wireless broadband with no need for external aerial. (Access point in the attic)

Double Room in shared house, Corke Abbey. Central heating, All mod cons (including Wifi) Next to 45, 84 & 45A & off street parking. Cable TV in room & uncabled broadband.

Available from 8th December. €500 a month for two persons (+ bills)plus €10 for broadband access.

Suit professional hacker, nerd or similar. PC friendly landlord.
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  1. My ass was used for comparison purposes by a nice girl from Uruguay buying Levis for her boyfriend. As in, "what's your waist measurement?".
  2. Haircut. Precision hairdresser. Did the sort of cleanup work with a straight-edge razor that you'd see photoshop people doing with a magnifying glass and a low-pixel-count tweaking tool.
  3. photos:

    1. Unfortunately a little too far away, but you might know the advert. It's a set of prison window bars with the middle ones bent out of shape and a McDonalds logo visible between them. The reason I photographed it is that I want to ask if I'm the only one who looks at this advert and sees a crotch.
    2. Dominus asked me to snap this. It's a shop on Nassau Street, opposite Trinity College. Purveyors of fine door ornaments to the masses, etc.
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Taxi driver for this evening was Muslim, from "the middle east". Despite our intense introduction to cultural diversity (the oriental population here has gotten fantastically large in the last year or two) this is not actually a common occurrence.

"So," I said, "do you get hassle for being a Muslim?"

"I stop the taxi and tell them there are plenty other taxis in Dublin."

"And sometimes, I have to help them out of the taxi."

Heh. I like that. Especially the gesture that accompanied "help them".


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