May. 12th, 2008

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If you plug in your iPod while the screen is locked, upon unlocking the screen you can see the dialog box that tells you your iPod is corrupted. Ejecting and replugging cures the alleged corruptedness.
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The VFI are still the same bunch of misanthropes as the last time I checked: they're expected to criticise proposals to lower the legal blood alcohol limit for drivers, because let's face it, people should be allowed drink and drive, nanny state, our own business, etc. etc. etc.

And Bank of Ireland aren't quite done on their admission of laptop losses; apparently they lost one in Kildare 7 years ago. The bank seems to be treating it as an unconfirmed allegation, while RTÉ seems to be taking it as fact.
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After last night's nostalgia trip, I dug up a tracklist for an album I used own in college, and assembled a youtube playlist of same. As noted therein, some of the versions are wrong, and some of the sound is pretty ropey (and indeed, some of the videos are simply sequences of stills, but I spent at least a few minutes trying to find the best version where multiple were available, and the best version wasn't always the one with the video). I'm amazed at how many of these I remember exactly, down to the various breakdowns and musical flourishes.


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